ADHD and Piano Lessons

ADHD and piano lessons


One thing that’s amazing about children is how full of spontaneous energy they are. In some cases, however, that energy can be so chaotic it becomes a problem. Some kids have attention disorders that have the potential of affecting their behavior to a detrimental degree. One of the most common of these challenges is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.

It’s a disorder characterized by difficulty focusing and controlling impulsive behavior that affects a great number of kids today. Luckily, ADHD is a problem that can be managed and overcome with various therapies and treatments, some of which are completely natural and drug-free. Out of these treatments there are some that are based on music, many of which focus on the learning of an instrument.

To understand why learning music can help combat the symptoms of ADHD it’s important to realize that children with the condition have areas in the brain which are weaker than normal. Through the power of engaging the auditory, visual and motor cortices of the brain, music can help strengthen and exercise the affected areas.

This will have a positive effect on the kid’s ability for speech, general comprehension, problem solving and even math. It has also been shown to hugely improve their mental organization, focus and concentration. There are several practical applications for this kind of therapy. For example, when performing a task, kids affected with ADHD who listen to music will finish before kids with the same condition who do not.

As beneficial as the simple act of listening to music can be, new therapies encourage a more interactive approach in order to get better results. For children with ADHD, learning how to play a musical instrument has been shown to have a direct correlation with an improvement on social skills, memory, expression and even self-esteem.

However, it is important to point out that some instruments may be more fitted for this kind of therapy than others. While it’s good that kids are able to let out steam and have fun, it’s also vital that the experience is more than just a creative outlet for them. The main objective of having this form of therapy is to help the child’s brain become more disciplined and orderly, organizing information better and promoting healthier reactions to different challenges.

A simple and straight forward instrument, the piano provides for the child a logical and orderly introduction to the world of music learning. Structure is critically important for sufferers of ADHD so to them it’s very helpful that the keys of the piano are a perfect visual representation of how notes are organized.

The kind of short and precise sounds a piano makes are perfect for learning the basics of melody and rhythm. At the same time, the sounds are soothing and calming, which helps the student achieve a clear and focused mind while exercising self-control. Minimalist, clean-cut and beautiful, the piano gives the child with ADHD a way to become more aware of themselves and their surroundings.

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