A Look Inside The History Of Cooper Music – XVIII

Just as with any business, there is a history. Where it all started, how it started and how it cooper musicbecame who they are today. Long before the first "Welcome to Cooper Music" ever chimed the ears of a piano buyer, the history of the Cooper Family began. For the next few months, I will share with you, every Friday a special blog, containing the history of the Cooper family and creation of Cooper Music. We hope that you enjoy reading as Cooper Music is brought to life with memories.   


From 1932 to 1938 the public debate on the meaning of New Deal policies to the nation’s political and economic life continued. But President Roosevelt insisted that measures fostering economic well being would strengthen liberty and democracy. Cooper Music drew upon this policy to strengthen their music business. Several successful promotion plans by Coopers demonstrated the renewed confidence in the emerging economy. The, number one, Aluminum Company of America in the mid thirties perfected a new aluminum beer barrel, just as the song “The Beer Barrel Polka” hit the charts. Skeptical tavern owners clung to the old wooden barrels. Over the objections of his non-alcoholic older partners, John Cooper arranged the loan of several dozen experimental beer barrels from ALCOA.

piano storeThe shiny new barrels were displayed on the sidewalk, in front of Cooper Music, and in the display window, while Coopers public address system daily blared the hit record…”Roll out The Barrel, We’ll Have a Barrel of Fun”. This generated the sale of thousands of phonograph records and players for Cooper Music. The aluminum barrel became a standard for the brewers. Also the New Kensington taverns, so many in number they had been featured in the Ripley Believe It Or Not newspaper column, joined in Rolling Out The Barrel. The non-drinking John Cooper politely declined the resulting offers to join appreciative local tavern owners, who daily raised their glasses to the Roll Out The Barrel promotion.  



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