A Look Inside The History Of Cooper Music – XIII

Just as with any business, there is a history. Where it all started, how it started and how it became who they are today. Long before the first "Welcome to Cooper Music" ever chimed the ears of a piano buyer, the history of the Cooper Family began. For the next few months, I will share with you, every Friday a special blog, containing the history of the Cooper family and creation of Cooper Music. We hope that you enjoy reading as Cooper Music is brought to life with memories.  


Cooper Music remained as month-to-month Bank tenants in the building, subject to eviction any time. Periodically the bank would send in a prospective buyer to look at the building. Lady luck was in their corner. The beautiful, award-winning building, designed by architect Enos Cook, proved to be protective cover. When a prospective buyer would look at the still new retail building no sale developed because the best and only use of the building was as a music store. Not a booming business in the 1930s. For John Cooper the building was the protected headquarters from which he could work a new deal for economic survival.

The presidential campaign of 1932 was chiefly a debate over the causes and possible remedies of the Depression.  Roosevelt was prepared to use the federal government’s authority for bold experimental remedies. The election resulted in a smashing victory for Roosevelt, who won 22,800,000 votes to Hoover’s 15,700,000. The United States was about to enter a new era of economic and political change. Cooper Music was also going to change while facing extreme challenges for survival. Roosevelt, The New Deal and Cooper Music learned to respond to crisis by changing… to a different tune.


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