7 Signs You Should Consider Piano Rental

The Gift of MusicPiano Rental

Having a piano in your home is a joy. Whether you choose upright, baby grand piano or digital, a piano brings the gift of music whenever anyone sits down to play. Purchasing a piano is a big decision, but did you know that piano rental is also an option?

Many Benefits

 My daughters played in their school band through middle school and high school. Even though the piano was not their main instrument, having one at home helped with practice, learning new melodies and being able to fill in when keyboard skills were required.

Many Considerations

Of course, the decision to bring a piano into your home comes with many questions to consider:

·      What kind of piano should I get?

·      Should it be new or used?

·      Will it fit in my apartment?

·      Will my child love playing or will getting him to practice be a constant battle?

The most important consideration, however, is cost: can I afford to buy a piano, or is there another way?

Consider Piano Rental

To help you with these many considerations, I’ll describe seven signs that may mean you should consider piano rental.

1.   The look on your eight-year-old’s face. You want your son to take piano lessons, but the look on his face every time you mention it makes you think that it may not work out. Renting a piano would give you and your son the flexibility to try the lessons for a period of time without the major commitment of making a purchase.

2.   Stiff fingers and sore joints. Now that you’re about to retire, you’ll have time to take the piano lessons you’ve always wanted. Sometimes your fingers feel stiff and sore, however, and you think this might make playing too difficult. Piano rental would be the way to start.

3.   Your too-small living room.  It looks crowded with the furniture you already have. Would it really be possible to find a piano that would fit? Try renting a piano before you make the final decision to buy.

4.   A possible transfer. Your company has branches all over the globe and there is always the possibility that you’ll be asked to transfer to an office in another city. You don’t have to be without the joy of playing when piano rental is an option.grand pianos

5.   The wedding problem. Plans are in place for your wedding in two months and your father asked if he could play the song that you loved since you were a child at the reception. You can’t say no to Dad, but there is no piano in the lovely hall that you’ve had booked for six months! The solution is piano rental.

6.   The fact that you always change your mind. Are you sure that you want an upright piano and not a spinet piano? Perhaps a baby grand would look just right in the corner by the window. After giving careful consideration to the size, style and finish that most appeals to you, try renting a piano first just to be sure.

7.   Budget realities. Finances are somewhat uncertain these days. Piano rental, perhaps with an option to buy, might be the best way to enjoy the gift of music now, without the larger financial commitment of a purchase.

Have you given any thought to piano rental? Would you like to try lessons for yourself or your child? Do you think you don’t have the room for a piano or you may be moving in a year or so? Do you need a piano for a special occasion, a wedding or other special event? If any of these seven signs apply to your situation, you should consider piano rental.   



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