5 Reasons To Buy Your Piano At Cooper Music

Many years ago, purchasing a piano was very straightforward. You only had to pick a local Cooper Musicpiano store in town or the city, let the sales executive demonstrate or play several different pianos and choose the one you liked best. Afterwards, all that was left was for the piano to be delivered to your home. Things are not that different in today’s world especially at Cooper Music store. Nevertheless, with the Internet, it is a lot easier and thanks to my website, I have received tons of enquiries about all the pianos that are for sale in my store.

Traditional or Bricks and Mortar Shops

These stores are where a large number of people still choose to buy acoustic pianos. The reason is simple – all these stores have showrooms with numerous brands of pianos in different types and styles. You have an enormous variety to select from. Additionally, most stores have knowledgeable and experienced sales executives and their very own technicians. For that reason, I always advise potential customers to visit my store if they want to look at various types of acoustic and digital pianos.

The Internet or Online Shopping

The Internet offers people a huge resource for searching and finding new or secondhand acoustic and digital pianos. Prior to the existence of the Internet, buyers were rather limited to a small geographical area to find the right piano. I am sure you know by now that the Internet has definitely eradicated those limitations. In addition, you are able to purchase an acoustic piano from another state or country as easily and swiftly as buying one from a neighboring town.

While it is easy and quick, I believe it is still best to shop at a local store in your neighborhood. At Cooper Music, you will see that my store has a lot to offer. There are five reasons why you should consider purchasing a piano from my store.

1. Variety

My store has a wide selection of acoustic and digital pianos from different brands. You will find brands from Yamaha to Steinway to Baldwin, and many others too. If you are looking at buying an upright piano, I have upright pianos in all sizes and even grand pianos, if that is your preference. Yamaha digital pianos are brilliant and I am lucky to have the authorization to sell them in my store. If you want variety, then you should definitely visit Cooper Music.

2. Quality

Cooper Music thrives on good quality musical instruments. I make sure that all the used pianos are meticulously checked by my highly reputable and experienced Registered Piano Technicians before the pianos are put up for sale. As a piano dealer, I make it a point to play a few pieces on each new and used piano that comes into the store. It is safe to say that if the piano does not sound right, I will not include it in my showroom.

3. Affordabilitypiano store

I know a large number of people are struggling when it comes to buying a piano. As a result, it is my duty to ensure that all the pianos are reasonably priced, especially secondhand units, so that my potential customers will leave with a piano at the end.

4. Customer service

My team of sales executives and RPTs are educated, experienced and friendly. It is imperative that my sales executives know how to attend to my customers and provide the right information concerning the pianos that they are interested in purchasing, whether for home or school purposes.

5. Warranty

Unlike other stores in town or other states, Cooper Music offers five to seven years warranty on secondhand units and a longer period for brand new ones. Moreover, my RPTs are more than happy to tune and repair old and new pianos at an affordable fee.

Do you prefer to buy a piano online or from a conventional store?


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