4 Top Reasons Why Families Should Own A Piano

Whether you are an experienced pianist or just beginning to learn how to play this magnificentpiano lessons musical instrument, young or old, you and your family can certainly benefit from owning a piano. Playing it is an ideal channel for conveying your creative energy. Owning one without playing it would be a waste of money and space. Hence, if you want to own this musical instrument, make sure that you take some piano lessons. Below you will find a few reasons why you should own and play piano.

1. It Helps Boost Your Brain Power  

Numerous studies have shown that owning and playing a piano can improve your brain power. While most of these researchers mainly focused on children, there were studies that show adults can benefit from playing it too. According to the studies, children who learn to play the instrument display more self-discipline and normally excel better in school, in comparison to those who do not own or play the instrument. The adults who play it have shown tremendous changes in the way their brains function and perform overall, even those over the age of 65. Therefore, you are without doubt never too young or too old to learn how to play the musical instrument.

2. You Enjoy and Love Music

It does not matter if it is rock and roll or rhythm and blues, classical or jazz, gospel or country – there is a music lover in every person. Think of the pleasure you obtain from listening to your favorite tunes and now, imagine how much more pleasure you will experience when learning to play your favorite songs on this musical instrument. Learning how to play it is one of the most gratifying ways to convey your love for music and owning a piano makes it even easier to express it as well.

3. It Helps Build Your Confidence

Acquiring a new skill or talent is one of the greatest ways to enhance your self-confidence. Of course, you would not become a maestro after completing only a few lessons, but you will definitely get better every time you learn and practice. Your determination to learn a new skill will certainly enhance your self-discipline, which in turn, will increase your self-confidence and general abilities.

4. Become a Performer

Owning the piano and taking lessons would not necessarily make you famous, or even rich. However, it will allow you the opportunity to perform in front of your family and friends. If you are taking lessons at a music school, there is a possibility that you can perform on stage especially if the school organizes recitals frequently. Even if you do not become a piano maestro, you will certainly feel like one when you receive the applause and admiration from your loved ones.

I know many of my customers are very pleased with their purchases of this musical instrument. One of my customers has two children and every weekend, they organize a get together with their families. The gatherings allow her children to display the skills that they have acquired from playing the piano. She said buying the musical instrument was the best decision she has ever made for her children and it was satisfying to know that they are doing very well in school at the same time.

If you do not own a musical instrument, you should consider buying a digital or an acoustic piano. There are plenty of models and types to choose from in my store and I will be more than happy to share my opinions in regards to this outstanding musical instrument.

Do you think it is important to learn to play a musical instrument?  

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