4 Things Atlanta Piano Movers Can Offer You

If you need to move your piano to another location, it is very much recommended that you hireAtlanta piano movers the Atlanta Piano Movers to do the moving for you. People who do not have the experience or knowledge of moving pianos can cause serious and costly damages to the musical instruments, especially if they do not have the right equipment and tools. Furthermore, a piano is not a light instrument, it is very heavy and a sudden drop can cause huge breakages that can cost thousands of dollars to replace or have repaired.

Thus, what do piano movers have to offer you, as their client? Large numbers of people assume that it is fine to hire household movers to move their piano from one location to the next. The truth is that it is possibly the most terrible thing that they can do to their piano. While most household movers are professional and experienced, they do not have the expertise and knowledge it takes to move a piano.

Below are four things professional piano movers can offer you, which you should take note of:

Good Quality Service

Highly experienced and reputable piano moving companies offer a very good quality service. They will make sure that they obtain all the correct details of their clients before they prepare the final quotation. Typically, they will ask a few questions in regard to the piano such as the type, the series/model, the measurements and the location. You should inform them where they need to collect the piano and the location where it should be delivered as well.

Safety Measures

Atlanta Piano Movers thrive on safety, so you do not have to worry about your precious piano. They take pre-emptive measures to ensure that your piano is safe during the entire move from your house to the truck. During the move from your house to the truck, they will use specialized tools to make sure that the piano is properly transported. Once the piano is in the truck, they will secure it with thick, heavy-duty ropes and pads, so that it does not move while the truck moves.

Your piano will also be covered with a very thick fabric, as an extra safety measure. Additionally, most reputable companies will have all the right documents in place, such as licenses and insurance policies. Should anything happen to your piano while it is in their care, they will be held liable.

Affordable FeePiano Movers

Moving a piano is not a cheap undertaking, but you will find particularly reputable piano movers that offer reasonable fees. As soon as you have a few Atlanta piano movers on your list of possible candidates, ask them about their fees and compare them with one another. While you may want to choose the cheapest mover, it is best that you check their background first, as the last thing that you want is a cheap mover that does not have all the right tools, documents and expertise.


Atlanta Piano Movers will ensure that they are on time for the scheduled meeting. They know how important time is to their clients, and since they typically have a number of appointments set per day, they will make sure that they are punctual and deliver the piano safely to its destination.

If you want to hire the best piano moving company, Atlanta has a number of reputable companies available. Take the time to conduct as much research as you possibly can in regards to the companies and choose the one that suits your needs the best. It is very much recommended that you obtain a few referrals from the companies to find out if their previous clients are happy with the type of all round service that they offer.

Would you hire a household moving company to move your piano, or a specialist instead? 


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