3 Ways to Utilize a Player Piano on New Years Eve

holiday-player-pianoThanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are year-end holidays that I look forward to, because I spend those holidays with my loved ones. It is a tradition that has been unbroken for many decades and it is good to know that my children wish to continue the tradition. So, what is New Year’s Eve like with the Coopers?

New Year’s Eve Celebration

My New Year’s Eve celebration is often a dinner party with family, friends, and neighbors. Oh how I love these parties, as my house is often filled with people that my wife and I have befriended in high school, university, and even during our careers. You can imagine how exciting and loud the party can be! With endless supplies of scrumptious food and drinks, I make sure there is sufficient flow of music all day long. When music is playing, there is no one left sitting around, as they will be dancing the night away.

To mark the end of the year and to celebrate the beginning of a new year, I normally do not play the piano for my guests. I take the opportunity to connect with my guests and enjoy their presence. However, I do make it a point to activate the player piano. There are three ways you can make use of a player piano on New Year’s Eve:utilize-player-painos

-Play your guests’ favorite songs while you catch up with them

-Allow each guest to play one song at a time (this can be fun for everyone!)

-If you own one and feel that you no longer need it, you can auction it at your party. Consider donating the money to your favorite charity. This is a great way to start the New Year.

If you want to entertain your guests with a player piano, and you are thinking of purchasing one, it is best to do it through a reputable piano dealer. Player pianos come in various types and sizes, so you need to ensure you have sufficient space in your house to accommodate it.

Find a Reputable Piano Dealer

You can find a reputable piano dealer via the Internet or through word-of-mouth. It is recommended that you use the Internet, as you can also search for reviews written about the piano dealer. A good piano dealer is one who has a myriad of player pianos and is able to tell you everything that you need to know about them.

What other ways would you use a player piano for?

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