15 Ways Playing the Piano is a Wild, Childhood Adventure

Piano lessons can be very monotonous and even unexciting to most children. To help make yourpiano teacher child’s piano lesson a wild, childhood adventure, I have several things you can do to keep him interested:

1. Balloon Surprise

Fill the kitchen cupboard with colorful balloons that will spill out as it is opened.  On every balloon, write something that you enjoy about your child’s piano lessons. Thereafter, read the message aloud together with your child.

2. Take it to the Highway

Write a simple message on the back window of your car, for example “My son rocks on the piano! Honk if you enjoy music!” Whenever you and your family are out for a drive, roll down the windows and let your son wave to those who honk.

3. Surprise with Piano Pancakes

On a Sunday morning, surprise him with piano pancakes complete with chocolate chip as quarter notes. For every pancake on the plate, have him perform a piece for the entire family.

4. Build Excitement

Prior to your child’s performances or recitals, consider building his excitement with a countdown. Use a black or white board that spells out the number of days left until the recital day.

5. Yell with Contentment

You do not necessarily have to be fancy all the time. At times, an enthusiastic and unexpected yell, “That was simply outstanding!” midway through your child’s practice will do.

6. Monday Mirror Message

Every Monday, write a message on his bathroom mirror to remind him how proud you are of his piano playing abilities.

7. Buddy Practicepiano lessons

Even if you do not know much about his piano lessons, accompany him during his practices.

8. Sneak a Practice

On a weekend night, sneak in a practice while everyone else is asleep. Do not forget to serve milk and cookies, and light the room with candles. This will be something that your child will remember for a very long time.

9. Tech Free Practice Time

Switch off the TV, computer, tablet, and smart phones while your child practices his piano lessons. This allows the entire home to be filled with the music that he is creating.

10. Surprise Music Shopping

As soon as school is out for the day, take your child on a surprise trip to the music store and offer him a chance to pick any piece of music sheets or books. The point is to look for one with your child by spending time browsing all the shelves to find the right one.

11. Hide the Notes

Attach a sticker on 10 to 12 Post-Its with a note stating that it is unbearable without his piano music. Hide all the notes in different areas in your house. It will be a great surprise for him to find them in the weirdest places of the house!

12. Host a Piano Picnic

The piano picnic does not necessarily have to be outside. Lay out a blanket in the living room and serve cheese and crackers, grapes, cookies, and tea, or even hot chocolate. Get your child to entertain everyone with his favorite pieces in between bites.

13. Check-In

On the way home from work, call your child and request him to play some driving-home music. Make sure you use hands-free kit while you call!

14. Post Office Piano Package

Put together a small package with your child’s favorite treats and include a note to tell him how proud you are of all his musical accomplishments. Mail it to him and make sure he finds it in the mail box.

15. Warm Fuzzies Bag

Hang a bag or pillowcase from the peak of the piano and write a note about your child’s piano playing. Let him open the bag or pillowcase at the end of the week to read all the handwritten notes.

Do you have any additional tips that can make piano lessons enjoyable for children?

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