Yamaha Pianos And The Concert Hall

yamaha pianoThere are many different brands of pianos available to accommodate the different playing styles and preferences of musicians. However, no other piano has a reputation comparable to that of Yamaha. Recognized around the globe, Yamaha stands out from the rest because of it’s quality, value and long standing history. Whether it be for learning to play at home or putting on a performance in a concert hall, Yamaha pianos are an excellent fit.

When performing in a concert hall, musicians need the most advanced and quality instruments available. Many well known musicians feature Yamaha grand pianos during concert, such as Elton John and Paul McCartney. I have heard these musicians play and the sound that comes out of their pianos is both beautiful and powerful. Yamaha pianos are prestigious instruments which have multiple features that make them a top choice among professional musicians.

Superior Quality
Since Torakusa Yamaha first created his first grand piano in 1902, the company has worked diligently to master and perfect every aspect of the instrument. A piano should be a once in a lifetime investment and therefore I consider quality a top factor when making that purchase. Yamaha has that covered, as each piano is crafted with care and integrity, using the highest quality materials along with accurate and careful manufacturing systems.

Brilliant Sound
Grand pianos are made with long strings which produce wider overtones and provide accurate vibrations, which together result in intense and brilliant sound. Yamaha goes even deeper in their design by using the duplex scaling system. This system allows resonance in the portion which is normally unused in the typical piano. Instead of yamaha digital pianodampening the sound, the duplex scaling system allows resonance and therefore the notes I play are greatly enhanced.

Responsive Keys

Grand pianos are made to respond quickly. This is made capable because of double escapement technique of the piano. What this means is that after the hammer hits the string, the lever immediately catches the hammer again. By doing so the key can be played repetitively. When playing a variety of music styles this feature can prove to be very helpful and can bring even more enjoyment to playing. Creative composers may also like this additional attribute as it allows for more variety.

Due to how the touch responses can be affected by changes in the wood rails over time, Yamaha has developed and uses aluminum alloy action rails for their pianos. These provide several more years of stability and prevent premature changes in the rails.

C7 Grand Piano
The C7 piano is part of the conservatory concert collection. This large beautifully designed piano, produces full and rich sound. The C7 is very responsive, produces brilliant sounds and can endure constant use from hours of practicing and playing. These attributes have made the C7 a staple at many music schools and a leading choice for public concerts.

yamaha pianosYamaha CFX
In the grand piano family, the CFX is the largest. It is also the finest and most costly piano. These are handmade, from the piano itself to the bass strings and hammers. Because of it’s enhanced sound, responsive touch and durability, the CFX has become one of the most used Yamaha pianos in concert halls around the world.

Electric Grands
A different option to the typical grand piano is a Yamaha digital piano. Dubbed the "electric grand", these pianos became instant sensations when first developed in 1976. They are smaller in size, lightweight and mobile. But, not to be fooled by their size, these digital pianos produce dynamic and authentic sound. They have proven to be instruments of convenience, specifically designed for live performances. These pianos have the immense power to stand out and take center stage even when surrounded by a full band.

When looking for the power and brilliant sound needed for concert hall performances, Yamaha pianos are a top rated choice. If you own one of these prestigious instruments, what is one of your favorite qualities?    

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