When to Buy a Used Yamaha Piano?

Digital-piano-yamaha-ClavinovaIt is very common for my customers to ask me when the best time is to buy a used Yamaha piano. My answer is any time is the best time. However, as with any huge purchase, it is imperative that you conduct as much research as possible to ensure that you buy a reliable used unit. Below are some useful tips you can use to buy a used Yamaha piano.

Conduct Research on Various Piano Dealers in the Area

Before you browse any piano, you may want to research on the various piano dealerships in your area. Find out which dealerships has a wide variety of musical instruments.

Visit Several Piano Showrooms

I advise that you visit those piano dealers and showrooms in your area to become familiar with Yamaha pianos. Ensure that you tell the salesperson that you are looking for a used instrument. Certain dealers have brochures even for the used pianos, thus ask for them and read the specs carefully.

Test the Used Pianos

It is best to test every used unit that you come across. If you are a beginner, you may want to ask the salesperson to play a few pieces from major to minor scales. Listen carefully to every note played on each piano and determine if there is any slight difference in tone. You should also consider the size of the instrument, and make sure it fits the location.

Consider Taking an Experienced Pianist or RPT

When you are ready to purchase a used Yamaha piano, it is advisable that you bring along an experienced pianist or registered piano technician. They can provide their unbiased opinions about the used Yamaha pianos that you are interested in purchasing. Nevertheless, keep in mind that tonal preference is subjective, and it is your opinion that matters the most at the end of the day.

Check the Internal and Exterior Carefully

Used pianos are often put on display after a full thorough check-up by professionals. Before you buy a used Yamaha piano, you should check its internal and external condition. Ask questions about the used pianos, such as its history, the last tuning session, and many more. A large number of piano owners resell their units about 5 to 10 years after utilizing it. Most of the time, these pre-loved instruments are well taken care of. Thus, to ensure it is in its best condition, find out as much as you can about it.

What other brands of piano have you tested in the past?

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