What Is So Special About Upright Pianos

Among many piano owners, the common wisdom holds that grand pianos are ideal, and an upright piano is a concession to necessity rather than a preferred choice. This way of thinking neglects the unique virtues of upright pianos that make some music lovers actively seek them out for their homes. When you look at an … Continued

What Is Upright Piano Maintenance

Whether you’ve already invested in a piano, or you’re currently browsing the market for one, you’re no stranger to the fact that these instruments are pretty pricey. A piano is composed of thousands of delicate and tiny parts, and every single one of these parts has an important role. Some parts and hand crafted and, … Continued

Baby Grand Piano Placement In The Home

I recently became the proud owner of my first baby grand piano. As a child, my parents supported my love of music, and I was encouraged to take piano lessons using the studio, upright piano in our home. This heirloom had sentimental value as it had been passed down from one generation to the next. … Continued

Steinway Piano And Design Projects

I decided to invest some money into a Steinway piano for my family room seeing that my kids want to take this type of music instruction. I am really happy that they decided to follow my footsteps into this genre of music as it was something that I learned from my mother as well. I … Continued

Steinway Baby Grand Piano Preparation

First introduced in the 1930s by the Steinway & Sons Company, the Steinway baby grand piano is 5 feet and 1 inch in size, which compares to 5 feet and 10 inches of a living room grand or the majestic 8 feet, 11 inches of the concert grand. The Steinway Company began in 1853 by Henry … Continued

Steinway Grand Piano Models

Piano’s are just beautiful instruments to listen to when they are played by someone familiar with how to tickle those ivories, and when someone strokes the ivories of a Steinway piano… the quality of sound that is produced by one of the world most recognized names in piano manufacturing is second to none. Maybe that’s … Continued