Top 4 Things To Look For In Used Pianos

If you’re considering buying a used piano, there are four main factors that demand your attention. If you carefully consider these factors, your piano purchase should proceed without a hitch. Condition Oftentimes used pianos can be much better in quality than a brand new piano. The fact that someone else has played it over a … Continued

Grand Pianos vs. Upright Pianos: What’s the Difference?

Grand Versus Upright Grand pianos and upright pianos are the two basic styles of pianos available to consumers. Both come in different sizes, which affects the instrument’s sound. The larger a piano, the longer its strings and the larger its area of soundboard.  Whereas a grand piano increases in length, upright pianos (also called vertical pianos) increase … Continued

Not Ready for a Piano? Try a Keyboard!

Maybe you’re just starting to learn piano, but not quite ready for the commitment of owning one. Or, perhaps you’re waiting it out to make sure your child’s interest isn’t just a passing fad. Whatever the reason, a piano keyboard can make an excellent piano substitute. As you consider buying one, here are a few … Continued

A Major Case for Music in Our Schools

We’ve long known that playing a musical instrument has a multitude of benefits for the human brain. Studies have shown playing an instrument has a correlation with positive effects like stress relief and higher test scores, just to name a few.

Five Tips For Successful Piano Moving

There are plenty of great reasons to add a piano to your home, but unfortunately, “ease of transportation” isn’t one of them. Pianos are heavy, extremely delicate instruments. If some piano moving is in your future, careful planning for your piano’s safety is absolutely essential. Since we’d like to see your piano arrive in one … Continued

What Kind Of Warranty Should I Expect When Purchasing A Piano?

Pianos are exquisite musical instruments and depending on which brand and model you purchase, you can easily spend a small fortune. When it comes to a huge purchase, such as a piano, it is important to know the different warranties on offer with your investment. There are typically two types of warranties – manufacturer and … Continued