Piano Lessons Teach Life Lessons

I started playing piano at a very young age. From learning to play and as time went by, it dawned on me that I learned plenty of life lessons through my piano lessons.

The General History Of The Piano Teacher

Hiring a piano teacher can be quite tough. Given that it will be your first time choosing one, how do you know what to look for? It is important that you learn about the piano teacher’s general history before you hire him. This blog post may help you learn what to look for: Determine the … Continued

10 Ways Playing the Piano Increases a Child’s Attention Span

There is no doubt that with the assistance of a good teacher, most children will do well on any standardized arithmetic tests. Doing well in these tests is not similar to mastering or understanding arithmetic. If your children were to compete in the world of high tech, they would need to be able to understand … Continued

How Learning To Play the Piano Increases A Child’s Self-Esteem

New customers often ask if it is a great idea to let their young children take piano lessons, as they are not exactly sure what the benefits of playing piano are. My answer to them is always the same, and that is, parents should allow their children to be involved in music lessons, especially the … Continued

How To Find The Right Piano Teacher

Perhaps your thinking of purchasing a piano for your home and having your children take piano lessons, you will want to make sure that you are able to find the perfect teacher. When you choose the right piano teacher, your children will be more inclined to stick with the lessons and enjoy learning to play … Continued