Piano For Sale And What Is A Good Value

When I was a fairly new parent, my two toddlers were invited in to play a friend’s “brand new” antique grand piano.  I was a nervous wreck but she calmed me by advising that they couldn’t hurt it as long as they hit the keys with only their fingers.  That was nice for me to … Continued

Piano Sales Can Be Misleading

When it comes to finding the perfect deal on a lifelong investment like a piano, things can get a bit messy–especially when it comes to piano prices and deals. Unfortunately, a lot of customers who will go to music stores will treat second-hand or even new instruments–pianos included–just like they would when buying a car. … Continued

Yamaha Grand Piano Quality Level

A grand piano is much more than a simple instrument. These majestic music makers have the ability to stun an entire concert hall into utter silence, transform an empty ball room into an elegant gathering space or bring a Broadway presentation to life. They are crafted to be the largest and most powerful pianos available, … Continued

All Pianos Are Not Created Equal – Piano Features Part 1

A piano may seem like a simple instrument, but it is anything but. Pianos are complicated instruments comprised of several moving parts that collectively contribute to the overall sound. As such, pianos vary greatly in quality depending on the craftsmanship that went into construction. This blog post will focus on some key piano features and … Continued

Piano For Sale and The Buying Process

Whether you have an individual interest in music and or have a family with children and you want them to take piano lessons, understanding the process of purchasing a piano is crucial.  You may typically seek advice and guidance from music teachers, professional pianists or perhaps even, family and friends who are piano owners. While … Continued