Piano For Sale and The Buying Process

Whether you have an individual interest in music and or have a family with children and you want them to take piano lessons, understanding the process of purchasing a piano ispiano for sale crucial.  You may typically seek advice and guidance from music teachers, professional pianists or perhaps even, family and friends who are piano owners. While these avenues of consultation are a probable start in your search for a piano to meet your needs, you should also speak with experts who work at a well known piano store.  Inquire as to the type of piano you are searching for as well as options available for buying used as opposed to new, and the probable resale value of a piano.  

Make an Informed Decision 

Not all pianos are alike and expensiveness does not necessarily determine quality nor value so be discerning in your selection. Craftsmanship is of critical importance and is not a simple arbitrary notion.  Before purchase always inquire as to the integrity of the wood and whether or not the piano has been tested with a digital wood tester. The wood tester measures the amount of moisture content in the wood, which can determine the possible longevity of your piano’s playing condition.  If you decide to purchase from a selection of used pianos, consider a name brand and not a knockoff, because name brand piano manufacturers have a reputation that is time tested. 

Use a Professional Technician or Appraiser  

If you are buying or have an upright piano for sale, consider using a professional upright pianotechnician or professional appraiser.  Remember, you are investing perhaps a good deal of money in your purchase, and you need to know if the piano has quality sound as well as complete over all integrity.  


Determine Your Need and Price  

Never make an assumption about what a particular piano you want to purchase is worth.  Be smart and secure a copy of the Piano Blue Book.  While the cost of a Blue Book may be of some expense, see if you can find an edition in your area library.  The Blue book can help you establish the comparable worth of certain pianos and at least assist you in narrowing down your range of cost you should reasonably pay.  Lastly, once you have settled on a piano, make certain that you have a warranty.  If you do not receive a warranty on the piano, walk away from the potential sale.   

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