Piano Sales Can Be Misleading

piano salesWhen it comes to finding the perfect deal on a lifelong investment like a piano, things can get a bit messy–especially when it comes to piano prices and deals. Unfortunately, a lot of customers who will go to music stores will treat second-hand or even new instruments–pianos included–just like they would when buying a car. They are both investments that can last a lifetime with the proper care, so I can understand the thinking, but with piano sales it doesn’t have to be trying to pick out the quality piano among "lemons."

Pianos are supposed to be enjoyed by generations of kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids! They are also the perfect center piece in a living room for the ultimate music lover, and piano sales associates will be right there with you to make sure you pick the perfect piano.

Thankfully, we can offer some savvy tips on how to make the most out of a piano sale and not breaking the bank. I can show you some methods to ensure piano sales are in your favor and you won’t feel like you just wasted your money. Like we have said before, buying a piano is a once in a lifetime purchase.

Look up blue book valuations
Even pianos have a "blue book" valuation list that can be easily found online. Before going out and just randomly picking a piano, it is best to decide what kind of piano you piano storewant to get–whether it’s an upright, grand piano, baby grand piano, or even an electric keyboard. Figure out what kind would best fit you and your family, then, head on over to a
piano store in Atlanta.

Trust the experts
Piano retailers who also have a wide array of sheet music and piano lessons at their facility can be trusted for their expertise. Teachers, former professional musicians, and even currently active pianists all account for great retailers who can help you from step one all the way to purchasing the perfect piano. Then, once you have the right piano picked out, they can make sure you get top-notch training and affordable sheet music.

Promotions versus the real thing
Remember to always read the fine print, even when it comes to pianos. Sometimes, a piano retailer will promote something completely different than what is being portrayed in the advertisements. Of course, this isn’t a commonplace thing to worry about, but, it is always good to have the promotion on hand during the shopping process.

piano saleSales pressure
Most piano sales associates are there to make sure you are purchasing the right piano for your preferences and needs first, the sales part is just a part of the job! Even here we want to build a place where it is safe to ask those "dumb questions" about pianos and get all of the information you need for such a worthwhile investment. Music education is always top priority, because it means a better purchase decision and continuing to experience the wonderful world of music!

If it feels like the sales associate is merely just pushing into a sale of a piano, then it’s time to back off and look elsewhere. The process of purchasing a piano needs to be personalized and educational, not yet another gimmick.

While piano sales can be misleading, that doesn’t mean every single one out there is. All you need is some quick Google searching on piano prices and a go-to piano expert who wants to help you–and we think we have that perfect match just for you.

Have you ever experienced gimmicky or otherwise "sales pitch-y" attitudes from piano sales associates? What was your reaction?   

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