5 Holiday Songs That Utilize the Piano

The festive holidays are what so many look forward to every year, because it’s filled with love, joy, wonder, and cheer. Whether it is celebrated as a religious or secular Christmas, it is always filled with happiness and of course, Hoilday songs! Every year, I list some of my favorite songs that I can play … Continued

7 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late To Learn Piano

As an experienced pianist and piano dealer, customers often ask me, “Is it too late for me to learn to play the piano?” There is no simple answer to the question, given that every person’s capacity to learn differs. However, based on personal experience, it is never too late for anyone to learn to play this … Continued

10 Ways Playing the Piano Increases a Child’s Attention Span

There is no doubt that with the assistance of a good teacher, most children will do well on any standardized arithmetic tests. Doing well in these tests is not similar to mastering or understanding arithmetic. If your children were to compete in the world of high tech, they would need to be able to understand … Continued

Why Now Is The Time To Take Piano Lessons

Have you been taking piano lessons but are finding it difficult to improve? Perhaps you have some experience in playing the piano and you want to improve your skills? Are you still wondering if this is the right time to learn how to play piano? Well, you should not wonder anymore, because NOW is the … Continued

See How Easily You Can Play Piano

Whether or not you have any musical experience, you can learn how to play the piano. Movies make it look like the most difficult thing in the world that only the most brilliant people can do after devoting their life to it, but this is a myth fostered for dramatic purposes. The reality is that … Continued

The Amazing Art Of Playing Piano

What makes playing piano an art is in the name itself. Piano is actually short for pianoforte—soft and loud. The piano was the first keyboard instrument since the pipe organ that gave the performer complete control over the dynamics of the instrument’s sound. A system of springs controlled the action of hammers hitting the strings. … Continued