Grand Pianos vs. Upright Pianos: What’s the Difference?

Grand Versus Upright Grand pianos and upright pianos are the two basic styles of pianos available to consumers. Both come in different sizes, which affects the instrument’s sound. The larger a piano, the longer its strings and the larger its area of soundboard.  Whereas a grand piano increases in length, upright pianos (also called vertical pianos) increase … Continued

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Used Piano

Buying a used piano is a great way to test the waters before investing in a new one. In fact,the quality of a well-made used piano that’s been maintained through the years can rival or even surpass a new model! Buying a piano of any type can be overwhelming.. We’ve compiled 5 questions to ask before making … Continued

The 5 Best Digital Pianos For Children

Your child decides to play the piano and thus, you enroll her in a piano school. You hear that it is best to let your child start with a digital piano. Therefore, you shop around and yet, you find it difficult to buy one that suits your daughter. You will find the following, which are … Continued

Welcoming Silas Lyon To The Cooper Piano Family

For more than 107 years, my family has owned and managed Cooper Piano, providing some of the finest pianos and best service to the Atlanta area. We’re always on the lookout for new members of the Cooper family, though, and they don’t even have to share my name!

It Pays To Like Cooper Piano On Facebook

OK, so at this point, you might be tired of every company on Earth begging you to “Like” them on Facebook. We know it’s getting annoying, and that’s why here at Cooper Piano we want to give you real reasons for following us on Facebook, rather than just nagging you. Just ask Mike Whitmore, who … Continued

Cooper Piano: Why They’ve Been in Business For So Long

Throughout written history music has been one of mankind’s finest accomplishments.  It is through music that civilization has progressed.  Through music men have made their mark in history.  Music can evoke human emotion and stimulate thought; and music has brought joy to human hearts throughout countless ages.  For over a century Cooper Pianos has served … Continued