The Benefits of Piano Lessons for Adults


“Am I too old for Piano lessons?” The response is: “No!” you can start your lessons as a teenager, an adult, or a child – there is no age limit.


A long-term myth has it that you must start piano lessons from childhood. As if your main reason for practicing piano is to become the world-famous piano artist. Is that is your goal, as in any highly-competitive, sport, starting early elevates your chances of realizing your dream. There are numerous pianists, both amateurs, and professionals who started lessons during adulthood. So, let’s dispel this stereotypical-myth at once. There is no age limit for learning piano. Even at 90, you can be a great pianist with devotion and determination. How much you can learn depends on how much effort you put in place for successful adult piano lessons.


Does it take long to learn if I start my piano lessons during adulthood?

It is not the case. You are more likely to learn faster than a child as a grown up individual. It all depends on what you want to learn, your determination and devotion, and how much effort you put in the practice. A philosopher once quoted that a lifetime is not enough for music but music is sufficient for a lifetime in adult piano lessons.


Many factors are dependent on how fast you learn to play the piano. Your aptitude (how fast you master a new skill) for piano playing and music, discipline, stubbornness, dedication, your instructor and how well you come along, the quality of instruments you use and much more.


What if My Talent is not in Music?

Everyone has something they are good at doing. Traditionally, piano instructors used to label students with talent and those without talent . This was a misleading act for numerous reasons. For instance, a student has learnt eye-hand coordination and read the sight well. He is labelled as talented. On-the-other-hand, another student takes too much time to learn. He is labelled “not gifted.” When he eventually learns the skill, he plays better than the other “talented” student.


Benefits of an Adulthood Piano Lesson

  1. Adults have highly-developed critical and logical thinking skills. Piano music is creative. However, this does not mean that pure emotions coordinated with the tone of music make a good player shine. An adult stands a chance of having a better understanding of these first syllables of music more than a child.


  1. Adults have longer and developed attention extents. By contrast, children attention spans, are limited to short periods of time. Progress in the learning session is determined by how much time you take to practice carefully, and concentrate on mastering skills.


  1. Adults learn on their choice. Most of the times, children are persuaded to take lessons, adults, for instance, don’t need persuasion to take lessons. This makes these lessons invariable for both teacher and student.


  1. Adults have the ability to read fluently. In contrast, young children are illiterate, which means they require intensive teaching from basic methods. Note fingering numbers and musical instructions, names, are not the only things that require literacy: the numerous entities of music theory, competent and critical playing, do as well.


  1. Adults’ emotional development is complete. Music, of all, is the most emotional art, and the experienced individuals can understand its numerous applications of emotions.

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