Piano Moving Risks

If you do not have the experience or knowledge of moving a piano, the idea of moving it can cause you a major headache. If you think that your piano is not that heavy, then you are in for a surprise. Piano moving is definitely not for everybody. A sudden drop or a breakage can cost you thousands of dollars to get a replacement or even to repair it. Pianos are not only large, but they are also awkwardly shaped, which makes it extremely difficult and timepiano-movers consuming to pack and move yourself. Therefore, to save your time, energy, and money, you should hire a professional piano mover to take charge of this tough task.

Finding the right professional piano movers can be easy if you know what to look for. It does not matter if you are moving your entire home or a piano, locating the right movers should not be any less special or different. Take your time in choosing a mover because if you do not, it could end up being your most terrifying moment. I have some guidelines that you can follow when you search for a piano moving company.

  • Ensure that you ask the potential piano movers about their insurance policies. In most cases, the insurance policies they carry are more than enough to cover your piano should anything happen during the move. However, if it does not cover or if you would like additional coverage, you should contact your homeowner’s insurance officer, and request for an arrangement for a rider to your insurance policy that would cover your piano while it is being transferred. 

  • Sometimes, piano movers might attempt to remove the keyboard, so that the body itself can fit through tight spaces. This is not the ideal thing to do to a piano, so you should let the mover know in advance that you do not want him to remove the keyboard.

  • Make sure the mover you are about to choose provides door –to-door service, because not many professional piano movers do.

  • Ask the movers where your piano will be placed during the transportation. Ensure that they position it in a place where it would not be subjected to very high temperatures or excessive movements. I should warn you that even with minor warping that are normally caused by a small change in temperature; it can affect the sound of the piano. Therefore, make sure the movers keep the piano away from doors, windows, and heating ducts to avoid damaging your piano.

  • Ask the mover if their trucks come with trailers, air-ride, rail-lift gates, and climate control. You need to give the piano moving professional’s very specific instructions on where and how to move your piano without damaging it.piano-moving

Professional movers have special tools to move your piano, such as a heavy-duty handcart, a piano board, and a piano dolly. The heavy-duty handcart can support the piano’s weight, while the piano board makes it easy for the piano to be transported down the stairs with minimal turbulence. 

Whomever you choose to move the piano, you need to know that the most important part is the packing of the piano. Mistakes and accidents can happen at any time, but they can be avoided, at least to a certain extent. If you want to pack the piano on your own, below you will find some useful tips to ensure you pack it correctly.

  • Wrap your piano with a series of pads and blankets. Make sure that the surface is not gouged or scuffed. Bear in mind that it can be very expensive to refinish a piano, so wrapping it correctly and with enough blankets can help you save more money.

  • Make sure you close the lid and lock it before you move it.

Do you find these piano moving tips helpful?

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