If You Play The Kawai Piano, You’ll Want To Buy It

Have you ever played a Kawai Piano? If you have played one, you know that it would be worth digital pianosyour money to buy a unit for your home. However, if you have never had the experience of playing a Kawai, I will highlight the benefits of playing and owning one. 

Compared to acoustic or traditional pianos, digital pianos do not take up space and go out of tune. In addition, digital pianos or keyboards come with a wide selection of sounds such as orchestral swells and drum beats. If you are interested in buying one, you need to consider the following features to ensure you obtain the most out of your new purchase.


The type of digital you choose will normally depend on what you will use it for. If you are going to display the Kawai Piano in your living room, then portability may not be very important. However, if you are a member of a band and you often tour, you will definitely need a more compact and a lighter keyboard. Weighted keys, performance quality, and other features may vary between digital pianos, thus it is important that you understand the type of piano or keyboard that you need.

Touch response

The keys on digital pianos or keyboards can be weighted akin to those of traditional pianos. They can be touch-sensitive and although they are not weighted, they can still produce a loud sound when the key is struck hard. If you are a serious pianist, then you should certainly stick to a digital piano with weighted keys, but if you are not too serious, you might want to consider other alternatives.

Number of sounds or voices

Keyboards have numerous sounds, also known as voices. Orchestral swells, audience applause and car horns are just a few examples. Nevertheless, the overall quality of each tone tends to decrease as the number of voices increases. A Kawai Piano consists of numerous voices and for this reason alone, there are various people from all age groups who prefer this particular digital piano to others.

Maximum polyphony

A majority of people buy digital pianos because most of them offer a higher maximum polyphony to enable the players to play complicated music. If this is what you require, then look for a digital keyboard with the greatest polyphony, as it will sound a lot better when you play numerous keys at once.

Digital pianos or keyboards offer several designs and styles:kawai piano

Compact digital piano – Ideal for people who want a mixture of portability and quality

Grand digital piano – This style of piano is a great option for those who are willing to indulge in a high quality and stylish piano.

Stage digital piano – Perfect for stage performers

Upright digital piano – The best option for people who want to buy high quality pianos but lack space and money to buy grand digital pianos.

Portable keyboard – Ideal for people who want a low-priced, fun musical instrument, but they do not mind semi-weighted or not weighted keys.

I know a number of customers who tested a Kawai Piano and instantly fell in love with it. Prior to playing the digital piano, they have never played one, but they found it incredibly easy to play and the sound was simply amazing. In fact, a few of them have never even heard of Kawai and they were surprised that all the digital pianos from this brand are made from high quality materials.  

Given that the digital piano gave them such pleasure, each of the customers came in later to buy the musical instrument. It is safe to say that if you played a Kawai Piano, even if it were only once, you would absolutely want to pay money for it if possible.

Have you played an acoustic and a digital piano before? If yes, which one do you personally prefer?

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