How To Choose The Best Keyboards In Atlanta

How To Choose The Best Keyboards In Atlanta


Those just beginning to learn about keyboards already know one thing, there are so many on the market today choosing the right one can be a risky business without advice from professionals. Whether you plan to play privately or go public with your keyboard skills, you have to start with a good instrument. My long list of satisfied customers say the best Atlanta has to offer in a keyboard can be found at Cooper Piano.


Prices will vary of course, so keep your finances in mind. However, with the large variety available in our show room even those on the tightest of budgets can afford what they need. All keyboards have basic features in common and once those are mastered, learning more about each area gets easier every time you use it. I have guidelines available for beginners that make self-education a simple thing. With enough diligence, practice and patience the novice soon becomes the master.


Not all keyboards are the same. You will notice on your search for the perfect instrument that many of them have different numbers of keys. From models with 25 keys up to keyboards with 88, it may be a little confusing for the novice to know what is best for them. I advise my customers to consider the type or genre of the music they like to play and then shop accordingly. Some types of music need fewer keys, and some need more. All it takes is a little research to make sure you find the best available in Atlanta.


After determining the size of the keyboard you need for your particular style the next thing is to find one that has the sound you are looking for. Some brands offer sounds that are better than others so the trick is to decide which best fits your type of music. The easiest way to do this is the old-fashioned way by listening with your own ears and then playing something of your own on the instrument to make sure it will fit your style.


There are quite a few details to take into account when buying a keyboard, and it is easy to miss a few key features in the excitement of the hunt for the best Atlanta has to offer. Many people prefer to do their shopping online these days but to truly evaluate a musical instrument and make sure you get what you need, the internet can’t top a personal visit to the store. Following are a few things to keep in mind as you travel through Atlanta searching for the perfect keyboard.


  • Every keyboard you try is going to have a feel of its own so don’t try just one and then walk away from all the others. Taking time to thoroughly research each keyboard may sound like no fun at all when all you want to do is play music but in the end, you will be glad you did.
  • In my Atlanta store we have a good variety of keyboards, including ones with data display screens. The possibilities of a screen, and how they can be used to improve skills is something serious students of the keyboard should consider.
  • If you prefer to create your own music rather than play someone else’s the more functions your keyboard has, the more creative you can be. There is no reason to limit yourself in this area with a keyboard not able to keep up with your imagination.
  • While larger keyboards do have many interesting functions its important to remember all those extras means its going to be a bigger, heavier instrument. Although still portable these “stage units” are best for those that don’t plan to move them around much. If you plan on travelling with a keyboard, smaller units provide the same clear tones, they just have fewer “extras” which I feel their portability more than makes up for.


More than one budding Atlanta musician has asked me which should they focus on, a piano or a keyboard? I tell them all the same thing. Pianos are more than musical instruments, and they generally end up as functional showpieces of a home with owners that are understandably proud of them. However, if the aim is to foster an interest in music, keyboards are best for beginners due to their portability and multi-functional natures.


In the end it all adds up to what the novice really wants to do with his or her keyboard skills. If they see concerts in front of large gatherings as part of their future a piano would be best. If the goal is to be part of a band, keyboards are more practical because they provide more room for experimentation and creativity. I have been in business in Atlanta for many years in the same location. I earn the trust of my customers and value every one of you.


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