The Real Benefit To Learning To Play Piano Using Headphones

Benefits Of Learning Piano Using Headphones   Learning to play the piano using headphones is a unique process that you may complete with a number of special pianos in the Cooper Pianos showroom. This article explains how you may learn to play piano in a new way, and there are a few techniques you may … Continued

Top 4 Questions about Piano Care

Piano Care: Most Frequently Asked Questions   When you own a piano, regular maintenance and proper care are the keys to making your piano last for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of piano owners who are unaware of the proper techniques required to keep a piano working properly and in the best possible … Continued

A Used Piano Via Private Sale Is Big Risk

A Used Piano Via Private Sale is a Big Risk     I get a lot of questions from people asking me about the pros and cons of buying a used piano from a dealer, as opposed to a private seller. To put the issue to rest, I decided to address this question head-on.   … Continued

Where To Begin With Piano Lessons

Where to Begin With Piano Lessons   Acknowledging your child’s artistic mind truly is an experience. Nothing is cuter than chubby fingers slamming down on tiny piano keys with a smile on his or her face. It fulfills a certain need in any parent to make their child thrive in life. But before you embark … Continued

The History Schimmel Piano

The History Schimmel Piano   Schimmel Pianos was founded by Wilhelm Schimmel in 1885, in Germany. A short time after finishing his training as a piano manufacturer, he created his very own workshop in Leipzig. By 1885, he had produced his very first piano, and by 1894, he had produced over 1,000 quality pianos. Shortly … Continued

Top 5 Piano Buying Tips

Top 5 Piano Buying Tips The piano was invented in Padua, Italy around 1700s by Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori. The invention was born out of the idea that a taut string can produce sound when vibrated and boxes could be used to augment the sound. The classical concert piano has come a long way, thanks … Continued

Should I Refinish My Piano Myself?

Should I Refinish My Piano Myself? Restoring an old piano can bring new life into an old and perhaps previously abandoned instrument, and it’s certainly worth your while if you have an old piano gathering dust in your garage or basement that you would like to make good use of. Or perhaps you inherited your … Continued