5 Factors That Affect The Price Of Updating A Piano’s Player Technology

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One of the common questions that I receive from my clients is, “How much will it cost to upgrade the piano’s player technology?” Of course, I am more than pleased to answer the question.

Update of the Piano’s Player System

Firstly, an update of the piano’s player will cost less than a new installation. In the case of early versions of piano’s players, both hardware and software are usually extremely outdated. Therefore, you will need a complete replacement rather than merely one or two components.

If you want to update the player’s technology, it is imperative for the dealer to know the version that you currently have. You should also include the options that you want with the upgrade. Nowadays, there are many different alternatives to choose from, so you first need to educate yourself in relation to all the latest upgrade versions.

Despite of which devices you utilize, for instance iPad, iPod, or PianoDisc iQ DVD (or other products like Syncavision), any update of the software and hardware will utilize the latest versions. The cost to update the system will likely be ascertained to some degree – in this case, the system control device, other services, and various add-ons that you choose.

Whether it is a new installation or an update, the general state of the instrument itself is essential. Although the piano was new when you first installed the piano’s player system, if it was used for long hours in the last 15 to 20 years, some additional work would be necessary before an upgrade could be made.

5 Factors that Affect the Cost of an Update

There are definitely certain factors that are involved when you want to upgrade your piano player’s technology, which typically include the following:

1. Labor costs

Depending on where you obtain the technician or dealer, it may cost a lot of money to hire him to update the system. The key is to conduct research with reference to specific dealers and technicians that can upgrade the system without costing too much money. Nevertheless, ensure that he has the right qualifications and proper experience to execute the task.

2. The Cost of Software Components and the Update

The price of software components and the update are factors that can affect the entire cost of an upgrade. Keep in mind that they depend highly on the type of system that you use in your piano.

3. Possibly Delivery of the Instrument

In some cases, there may be a need for you to transport the piano to the technician’s location. After the update has been completed, the company will deliver the instrument to your house. However, there are technicians and dealers that are prepared to execute the upgrade directly at your house for your convenience.

4. The Age of the Pianopiano player

As previously mentioned, the technician or dealer may take the age of your instrument into consideration before he determines how much the update will cost.

5. Additional Services

If your piano requires additional services, for example regulating, repairs, or tuning, the cost of the update can increase to a few hundred dollars. I am sure that it will not cost as much if your piano has been tuned on a regular basis.

Additional Information

The following are factors that affect the new installation of a piano player:

  • The cost of the system itself
  • Round-trip delivery
  • Costs of labor to install the system
  • Additional services, for instance repairs, tweaking, and tuning.

Which brand of piano player system are you familiar with?

3 responses to “5 Factors That Affect The Price Of Updating A Piano’s Player Technology

  1. Hello i want to update my PDS 1*28 to. IQ its a baby grand and holds its tune well could you tell me what and how much it will cost to drag it into the 21st century? Regards Anton Young

    1. We can upgrade it to a QRS Pianomation lll for $2495.00 in Atlanta Ga if the system has silent drive.

  2. I have a yamaha grand piano about 20-25 years old in pristine condition. I have a piano disc with a ipod control using tuneview. It is not working other than to produce a high pitched noise when the auto player is used. I want to upgrade the system. Can you help?

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