3 Tools Piano Teachers Can Embrace In 2015 For The Tech Savvy Generation

piano-appsThere are many instruments that are as adaptable and versatile as the piano. From classic hits to contemporary compositions, the piano has the ability to contribute to almost any music pieces. Nevertheless, the piano can be quite intimidating to approach, because of the 88-keys. Fortunately, it does not have to be or feel that way.

These days, there are numerous apps available out there that can help beginner and intermediate pianists to play the piano better. Piano teachers can look forward to some of the latest apps to use in their classrooms. I believe in keeping up with the changes of time and technology, thus I think it is a great idea to include these apps for the tech savvy generation during piano lessons in the new year! The following are three tools that piano teachers should consider using:

Learn Piano HD

Any piano teacher will agree that the best way to learn the piano is through the conventional way. However, at times, it is ideal to include some other types of lessons. As the world changes, technology is inevitable, even more so in the music industry. To help students learn better, the Learn Piano HD app is very useful.

This app allows piano teachers to teach their students about music notes, pianos, and other relevant subjects. With this app on the tablet, your students can learn at anytime and anywhere. Since almost every individual has a tablet, it is more convenient for anyone to improve their piano skills.

Piano Dust Busterpian0-technology

Sometimes, learning to play the piano can feel like a slow process. This is especially true for students who are learning music that do not excite them. The app brings some form of familiarity to the learning process, and at the same time, makes learning a fun game. This app is ideal for piano teachers who teach small children.

Steinway Etude

Sheet music is not as popular as it used to be, but Steinway Etude managed to bring it into the 21st century. The app shows them how to play along on the tablet and has a synthesizer that plays the tune at a comfortable beat. Through this tool, your students can learn to read the music notes and easily match them to those on the piano. Thereafter, they are able to work their way through any song. Depending on how fast they learn, they can do this within a few lessons.

Full speed ahead into a Happy and Music filled 2015! Happy New Year!


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