3 Tips for Finding Atlanta Piano Movers

Moving is a stressful event and until this day, I still remember the first time I had to move my Atlanta Piano Moverspiano to another state. It was incredibly nerve-racking and if it was not for my research, I would not have been able to find a reputable piano mover. If you are in Atlanta and looking for a mover to transport your piano to another location, you should consider hiring Atlanta piano movers, as they provide one of the best services on offer. Below are three tips on how you can find piano movers in your area:

Local Musical Instrument Stores or Piano Teachers

Local musical stores deal with piano movers regularly, as they need to transport pianos for sellers and buyers. The store owners should be able to recommend a few movers that are active in your area. Additionally, you can ask any piano teachers for recommendations. While they may not deal directly with the movers, they should have several names in their contact book for their clients and students.

Local Classifieds or Community Bulletin Boards

Newspapers and local community bulletin boards normally have classified sections, which have a wide selection of services provided by individuals and companies. Some of those services include piano movers and household movers. It is best to hire movers who specialize in piano moving, because they have the right equipment and tools to transport your piano without causing any type of damage.

The Internet

The Internet is the best place to look for Atlanta piano movers. It is quick and easy, and the best part about the Internet is that you can find the most affordable movers by comparing several companies at once. However, you should be careful when you search online for this type of service, because a large number of movers may not be genuine. Therefore, you need to conduct as much research as you can in regards to the movers and their companies.

Why I Recommend Piano Movers

One of my clients was determined to hire a household mover to move his piano to a nearby location. He told me that it would be a waste of time to employ a piano mover, as the location was not very far. I disagreed and I advised him to appoint Atlanta piano movers because they have the best equipment, experience and knowledge. He would have been able to save a few thousand dollars if he listened to me. By using a household mover, you might end up spending more money because they do not have the skills and the ideal equipment to successfully move the musical instrument without causing damages.Piano Movers

Piano Movers Know How to Navigate the Musical Instruments

Professional piano movers have satisfactory training in transporting pianos and they definitely have the best tools and equipment to ensure fast and safe delivery. They are able to navigate the unit around limited spaces, such as moving it from the top floor to the bottom floor, without scratching or breaking the unit. Rest assured that these people know how to minimize the risks of breaking your piano.

How Do They Move the Piano?

As soon as you decide to appoint a piano movers, there should be about two to three professionals to help you with the move. The movers will have ramps, piano skids, straps, slings, moving pads, and supplementary tools to lift your piano and move it into the truck. The ratchet straps, slings and ramps are used to secure the musical instrument once it is in the truck. Piano moving companies will send two to six people to the apartment to move the piano, as it can be very difficult to take a piano down from several floors up, as was the case with my own piano.  




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