7 Shortcuts To Learning To Play Piano

It’s been my experience that many people who are interested in playing the piano are intimidated by what seems to be an exorbitant amount of music theory that has to be digested and understood. Thankfully, there is a plethora of information available that breaks the theory down into palatable sizes. These bite size pieces of … Continued

How Playing Piano Generates Confidence

Playing the piano can boost one’s confidence, which is why many parents send their kids to a music school to learn to play the instrument at an early age. Here are ways how playing the piano can boost confidence in other areas of your life: During Piano Lessons Some people feel shy or intimidated when … Continued

How Learning To Play the Piano Increases A Child’s Self-Esteem

New customers often ask if it is a great idea to let their young children take piano lessons, as they are not exactly sure what the benefits of playing piano are. My answer to them is always the same, and that is, parents should allow their children to be involved in music lessons, especially the … Continued

See How Easily You Can Play Piano

Whether or not you have any musical experience, you can learn how to play the piano. Movies make it look like the most difficult thing in the world that only the most brilliant people can do after devoting their life to it, but this is a myth fostered for dramatic purposes. The reality is that … Continued

7 Shortcuts To Learning To Play Piano

One day I watched my brother Dave play piano seemingly effortlessly and wondered what the secret was. I badgered him to show me something, anything. He showed me one little trick. From there, I taught myself the basics and wound up a pretty good player. Eventually I took a few lessons, but by that point, … Continued

Strengthening The Relationship Between Player Pianos

Many of us remember seeing them in old Western movies or classic cartoons: a piano that could play itself. Once using metal barrels or rolls of paper inscribed with songs for the instrument to "read," player pianos enjoyed tremendous popularity over a century ago. In the modern day, they have experienced something of a resurgence, … Continued

How To Play Piano Over Night

Regardless of age, I believe anyone can learn to play the piano. Nevertheless, it does require you to spend countless hours to practice. People who are interested in playing a piano often ask if there is an easy way to learn to play it. Playing a piano is a complicated skill and it would be … Continued

Keyboard Piano Techniques And The Piano Action

I promised myself from a young age that when I finally had kids, I would ensure that they would learn how to play the piano. For me, I have associated it with elegance, class and a rich history. I love the sweet tunes that this instrument produces and it is one of those things that … Continued