Making Your Childs Piano Lessons Exciting and Beneficial

Beginning piano lessons can sometimes start off a bit rocky with some children. Some are very excited and some need a bit of extra motivation to get started. Making piano lessons and the time leading up to the lesson fun and exciting makes everything exciting. Here are a few ways to make lesson time fun … Continued

The Top Benefits of Playing Piano as a Child

As parent, I too understand that today’s children have so many different activities that take up their time and it is not easy to decide which fun activity your child should take up next. If you are still undecided if your child should take up playing a musical instrument like the piano, then the following … Continued

Which Piano Is Best For Your Child To Begin Lessons On?

I encourage my children to provide my grandkids with the gift of music. This means, they should consider sending their children to a music school to start learning to play piano. Learning to play piano or any musical instruments will enrich an individual’s life in numerous ways. When I meet people who want to learn … Continued