Which Piano Is Best For Your Child To Begin Lessons On?

beginner-piano-lessonsI encourage my children to provide my grandkids with the gift of music. This means, they should consider sending their children to a music school to start learning to play piano. Learning to play piano or any musical instruments will enrich an individual’s life in numerous ways.

When I meet people who want to learn this exotic instrument, I often list the many benefits of playing it. Some of the advantages include the enhancement of hand-eye coordination, developing discipline, stimulating the brain, enhancing self-confidence, and constructing a skill that brings happiness to the player and his guests.

Did you know that a 6-year-old who receive piano lessons has better motor skills and more brain growth compared to their peers in the same age group? This is a proven study that was carried out by numerous researchers all over the world. Therefore, if you are considering piano lessons for your kids, it is advisable to start them off at a very young age.

Which Piano is the Best for Your Child?

Pianos come in two different types – grand and upright. Grand pianos produce amazing, sonorous sounds, more so louder and richer than upright pianos. However, when it comes limited space in your home, an upright piano is the best choice. Besides, acoustic pianos, you also have a choice of keyboards to choose from.

There are many keyboards available on the market that are suitable for your children. Currently, you can finddigital-piano-atlanta-cooper-piano-1 keyboards that are very similar to an acoustic piano, including its look and sound. Before you purchase a piano for your child, you need to consider several significant things:

Space – How much space do you have available for the piano? If you have limited space, then a small to medium-sized piano is ideal.

Piano lesson program – Are you sending your child to attend piano lessons as an after-school activity/program or are you interested in training him to become a professional pianist?

Price – How much are you willing to spend? If he is interested to play for a lifetime, it is best to invest in a top quality piano.

Portable Keyboards are a Great Idea

If your kid is young, it is fine to start him off with a portable keyboard. It does not have to be a full-sized keyboard, but ensure that it is a keyboard with weighted keys. Weighted keys allow your child to play piano as if he is playing a grand or upright piano. This will make a huge impact on your child later on. If his interest in playing piano continues, then you can think about purchasing an upright piano.

For now, consider one of the many Yamaha keyboard models to start with. Find as much information about the models before you purchase one. Once you have all the information about a particular model, the buying process would be easy and quick.


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