Making Your Childs Piano Lessons Exciting and Beneficial

atlanta-piano-lessonsBeginning piano lessons can sometimes start off a bit rocky with some children. Some are very excited and some need a bit of extra motivation to get started. Making piano lessons and the time leading up to the lesson fun and exciting makes everything exciting. Here are a few ways to make lesson time fun and stress free.

1. Tech Free Practice Time

Switch off the TV, computer, tablet, and smart phones while your child practices his piano lessons. This allows the entire home to be filled with the music that he is creating. He or she actually hears the music that they are making not interference from other electronics.

2. Surprise Music Shopping

As soon as school is out for the day, take your child on a surprise trip to the music store and offer him a chance to pick any piece of music sheets or books. The point is to look for one with your child by spending time browsing all the shelves to find the right one.

3. Hide the Notes

Attach a sticker on 10 to 12 Post-Its with a note stating that it is unbearable without his piano music. Hide all the notes in different areas in your house. It will be a great surprise for him to find them in the weirdest places of the house!

4. Host a Piano Picnic

AvantGrand-1The piano picnic does not necessarily have to be outside. Lay out a blanket in the living room and serve cheese and crackers, grapes, cookies, and tea, or even hot chocolate. Get your child to entertain everyone with his favorite pieces in between bites.

5. Check-In

On the way home from work, call your child and request him to play some driving-home music. Make sure you use hands-free kit while you call!

6. Post Office Piano Package

Put together a small package with your child’s favorite treats and include a note to tell him how proud you are of all his musical accomplishments. Mail it to him and make sure he finds it in the mail box.

7. Warm Fuzzies Bag

Hang a bag or pillowcase from the peak of the piano and write a note about your child’s piano playing. Let him open the bag or pillowcase at the end of the week to read all the handwritten notes.

Do you have any additional tips that can make piano lessons enjoyable for children?

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