Yamaha Grand Piano Search Safely Starts With Retail Store

There is no such thing as a free lunch. What does that have to do with piano buying? Everything! I can’t believe how many people go out in search of a broken keyswonderful musical instrument like a Yamaha Grand Piano and settle for shady deals, on shady pianos, sold in shady basements. It breaks my heart to think someone might not pick up how to play an amazing instrument simply because the instrument they are playing on isn’t so amazing.

So often people get ahead of themselves when they are looking into a piano. The price is the only thing that comes into consideration and they don’t take the time to get informed. Information is free in the music world. At every opportunity when people come into my store looking to understand what they need I am thrilled to hear that there are new people looking to take up music in a serious way. I gladly share information, unfortunately the price always comes into it.  They decide the internet is the place to go to make the purchase. What is crazy is when people show up to pick up their great buy from Craigslist or some other online grab site and find themselves getting ripped off! People demanding money and not delivering any product let alone the Yamaha Grand Piano they promised in the ad.  

To see people looking to get their hands on a quality Yamaha Grand Piano and instead finding themselves the proud owner of a used grand piano that half the keys are missing and sounds like a child’s Fischer-price piano breaks my heart. Thankfully for everyone involved I got so tired of seeing people getting ripped off and discouraged by under the counter deals on musical equipment. I resolved that my store "Cooper’s Music" would match any price of the bargain basement deals. 
yamaha grand piano
There is a reason why musicians open music stores, they love the music. I never want anybody to turn from playing piano because of dangerous and shady back alley deals. If you are looking to get your hands on great music equipment without putting yourself or your investment at risk come and check out What’s new at Cooper Piano and mention my price match choice. Get educated and get your hands on a great instrument so you can get started making some great music!


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