Yamaha Digital Pianos Are Popular

yamaha digital pianosYamaha digital pianos make an excellent choice, whether you are an adult ready to take the plunge with lessons, or you are buying for a child who may or may not stay interested. The quality of digital pianos has increased greatly over the years, and today’s pianos have many advantages to traditional upright pianos. 

Some of the reasons you may want to consider Yamaha digital pianos include: 

  • Cost. Digital pianos are less expensive that traditional grand pianos both in purchase price and maintenance. The purchase price of a quality digital piano can be less than half that of a traditional piano. Also, digital pianos do not require tuning. A traditional piano typically needs to be tuned once or twice a year to stay in good playing condition. 
  • Versatility. A digital piano allows you to replicate the sound of a piano, but it also offers other choices. With the flip of a switch, you can play the pipe organ, the harp or replicate the sound of an entire orchestra. Yamaha digital piano
  • Convenience. Yamaha digital pianos have several features that makes them more versatile than standard upright pianos. You can plug in a pair of headphones, so that only you can hear it, which allows you to play the piano without disturbing others. The lighter weight of a digital piano makes it easier to move, should you change your mind about where you want to keep it. You can also record music you play on many digital pianos, using built in flash memory or external digital storage. 

Digital pianos create noise through a combination of sampled sounds, speakers and amplifiers. The piano keys are weighted so they have the same feel as a traditional piano’s keys striking the hammers to create sound. Overall, Yamaha digital pianos make an excellent choice for the beginner or more advanced piano student.





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