Why Baby Grand Piano Dimensions Are Important

Customers ask me all the time, are the baby grand piano dimensions important? If you have Baby Grand Piano Dimensionslimited space, then it is important because you need to make sure that the measurements of the baby grand are perfect for your home. As with buying any other type of piano, it is essential that you determine your exact preferences and musical requirements. Here are several things you should know about baby grand pianos before you decide to purchase one.

Dimensions of Baby Grand Pianos

It cannot be denied that most people love baby grand pianos because of their smaller sizes. Add to that, the sounds emitting from a baby grand piano is sonorous, rich, and specifically beautiful. Baby grand piano dimensions are typically about 4’11”to 5’11”, whereas the petite grand stands stand at 4’5” to 4’10”. The width of all the baby grand pianos is 5’. The dimension of the tail is usually about 3’ wide.

The Price of a Baby Grand Piano

Baby grand piano dimensions play a significant part in determining the price. The bigger the size, the more the unit will cost. However, baby grand pianos are not as expensive as the normal grand pianos, which is why a large number of people opt to purchase a baby grand. The price range of baby grand pianos is from $8000 to a maximum of $20,000. If you are looking at buying a secondhand unit, I know there are dealers who sell them at a much lower price and these secondhand units normally come with a warranty card as well. It is vital to inspect any secondhand unit thoroughly first, before deciding to buy it.

Baby Grand Pianos’ Improvement Lies in Their Sizes

This is something that most people, particularly those who are not experienced in pianos, know about baby grand pianos – if I put two baby grand pianos that are 5 feet in size next to each other, they would not be able to hear the dissimilarity in sounds that emit from each piano. Unless your ears are trained to pick up the differences, then you will definitely tell me that both pianos produce the same sounds.

This is due to the difference in the dimensions of their tails. A baby grand piano with a wider tail can accommodate much longer bass strings, which means that it can allocate space for a bigger soundboard. Additionally, it has a better receptive area for its bridges. The baby grand piano dimensions that include a wider tail make a better purchase, because the bass tone is a lot richer. Hence, if you want a baby grand that produces better bass tones and a richer sound, then I suggest that you buy one with the widest tail.

Is Baby Grand Piano Better Than an Upright Piano?baby grand pianos

This is a common question that most customers ask me and my answer is, a baby grand piano is very dissimilar to an upright piano, but it does not necessarily mean that it is the best if you consider all the features. I can establish for a fact that a baby grand piano does offer a better touch response and playing proficiency compared to a large number of upright pianos that are within the same price range. Because of the baby grand piano dimensions and aesthetic values, many people purchase it simply as a form of furniture in their homes.

If a baby grand piano is within your means and meets your specific musical needs, I advise that you buy it from prominent piano dealers. Although secondhand units are appealing in terms of price, they are not particularly in good condition unless an experienced RPT or pianist tells you that they are. I recommend that you hire an RPT to test it meticulously before you purchase it.

How much would you be prepared to spend on a baby grand piano?  

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  1. Looking for any advice you can looking at a 65 year old Howard piano for free! one family owned moved twice it is life. Owner says the cabinet is in good condition and plays well. I am looking for something good to restart my playing and expose my 4 granddaughters to the art of music. I think for free it would be a great deal but then again I don’t want to take on such a large item that may need tons of repairs in time and not able to dispose of it.

  2. We cannot identify our recently purchased old baby grand piano. It has been refinished, we were told it is about 100 years old, and are searching for ID numbers or a name which was covered in the refinishing process. We were told it might be a Baldwin.

  3. It is probably not a Baldwin unless it is cast in the plate. Baldwin did produce pianos under other names such as Ellington, Schroeder, Chickering, Wurlitzer, and others. Sometimes serial numbers or other clues are painted or written on the bottom of the plate or other places that are difficult to find. Good luck.

  4. We inherited a Wm. Knabe & Co baby grand and can’t find the serial number anywhere. We checked the internet which recommended several usual locations and still couldn’t find it. Any help? By the way, we are interested in selling the piano quickly and well give someone an outstanding deal! Do you know of anyone in the Los Angeles area?

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