Used Piano Evaluations

Now way way back when, back when I was a very young child, I use to go by my used pianograndmothers house, and there sitting in all of its splendor was a huge grand piano. I’m sure my grandparents didn’t buy it new, they surely couldn’t afford a new one, but it definitely was a beautiful,fine,old and used piano.

Back when he was younger my grandfather used to play piano in the saloons of Boston, around the early 20th century. But when I was young he was much older and no longer did that kind of work, but he still played. He would sit me on his lap and just crank away on that slightly used piano. It had a sound that was oh so pleasant on the ears. It is what made me pursue it in the future. I could actually "feel" the music as it flowed outward beneath our feet. He showed me that the top was hinged, and if you picked it up, it would get louder.

Some years later, when I was a teenager and had just moved into a new home, I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that there was a used piano in the basement. Many aprofessional piano musician time I would go down there and play for hours, just practicing, and playing.

As I grew older, and got married, it was a must to have a piano in the home. I prefer a used one as it has a feeling of already been broken in. I taught my son to play on that piano, and he is now a professional musician, among his other endeavors.  So for me, I love the look and feel of the used piano, over a new one. For me, it seems to be the best economical choice, and it is a choice that will stay with you forever, and believe me, you’ll never regret it. 

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