Grand Pianos vs. Upright Pianos: What’s the Difference?

Grand Versus Upright Grand pianos and upright pianos are the two basic styles of pianos available to consumers. Both come in different sizes, which affects the instrument’s sound. The larger a piano, the longer its strings and the larger its area of soundboard.  Whereas a grand piano increases in length, upright pianos (also called vertical pianos) increase … Continued

Top 5 Questions To Ask Piano Dealers

Every day, customers approach me with numerous questions related to new and used pianos, as I am sure the same happens with other piano dealers. Here are five frequently asked questions in relation to pianos.

Why A Grand Piano For Sale Is A Steal!

Grand pianos for sale are always a steal because of its many amazing features. As an experienced pianist, I played various types of pianos produced by different companies, and I find that grand pianos are outstanding, especially because of their sonorous and rich sounds, as well as their brilliant aesthetics. Below is a list of … Continued

How To Find A Baldwin Piano Sale For A Great Deal

One of the most coveted and sought after brands when it comes to having the best quality in pianos is, of course, the Baldwin line of pianos. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are willing to pay the full price of most Baldwin pianos, especially when they’re normally many thousands of dollars. However, when someone … Continued

What To Consider Before Buying A Piano For Sale

I have been passionate about pianos for many, many years. As an experienced piano dealer and a pianist, I have seen multiple times how purchasing a quality piano for sale can be an overwhelming and exigent task for scores of people. I can empathize as to how difficult it can be at times, so I … Continued

The Best Times To Buy A Baby Grand Piano Atlanta

Baby grand piano Atlanta has to offer is smaller than grand pianos. Even though it is a small piano, it is able to emit resonant and full sound. For that reason alone, numerous pianists all over the world love the baby grand piano. A baby grand is perfect for people who are looking for similar … Continued

4 Reasons To Shop At A Piano Sale

When I suggest that one should consider buying a piano at a Piano Sale, the reaction is usually the same – a slight shade of shock overshadows his or her face. There is nothing wrong in purchasing a piano from a sale, given that almost all piano stores conduct a sale every six months or … Continued