Tips To Purchasing a Knabe Piano

When I was a little girl I always dreamed of playing the piano.  One year for Christmas I was knabe grand pianossurprised whenever I walked into our family room and saw that my dream had come true.  I played it all Christmas Day but did not have the slightest idea of how to play a piano.  Soon after Christmas, my parents signed me up at a local music store for piano lessons.  The enjoyment I had through my childhood has led to many new avenues of piano playing today.  Below are five tips to purchasing a Piano.  It is wonderful when dreams finally come true.

Tip #1:  Review the Pianos in the Music Store

Take your time to carefully observe and review all of the pianos on the showroom floor.  See which pianos capture the eye.  Look them over and consider the size, sound, look, and feel.  All of these will factor into making the perfect selection for the family home.

Tip #2:  Listen to the Piano

The tone and sound of the piano when it is played should be very pleasing to the ear.  Pianos differ greatly in tone and sound.  If the piano is going to be played,  selecting one that is pleasing to the ear is vitally important.

Tip #3:  Play the Knabe Piano

Take time to have the pianist in the family play the piano.  Taking along a pianist to play the piano for the family is also a great idea.  Get their opinion on the piano that best fits the needs of the home.  Ask a sales clerk to play a selection on the piano that is of interest to you as well.

Tip #4:  Consider the Size of the Knabe Piano

The size of the piano is also very important.  An apartment may not have room for a Baby Grand Piano but would have room for an upright piano.  The size and shape will matter and careful consideration as to where the piano will be placed in the home is also important.  A piano is heavy and should not be moved around much.  Decide where it will go before it is purchased.

Tip #5:  Lessons and Features of the Knabe Piano

Discuss the possibility of taking lessons with the music store where the piano is purchased.  Ask questions that you think of about the features of the piano and how it compares and contrasts with other brands of pianos.  All of these items should be considered.  Check with the sales clerk to see if there is a package offered which may include lessons.  If lessons are not offered at the store, the sales clerk will probably be able to provide you with someone who teaches piano to students eager to learn.

Everyone has dreams and they can come true.  To the music lover, a piano is a wonderful instrument to be able to play or even listen to.  When purchasing a piano, consider and review the 5 tips:knabe pianos

  • Review the Pianos
  • Listen to the Piano
  • Play the Piano
  • Consider the Size
  • Lessons and Features

There is nothing more soothing to the ear than hearing a Knabe piano being played.   Both young and old love the thought of being a great pianist.  Dreams come true every day.  What do you dream of?  Purchasing a piano is a great way to make the music lover’s dream come true.



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