The Benefits Of Piano Lessons For Children

Why Children Should Take Piano Lessons



Deciding the proper extracurricular activities for children can be a major challenge. While every parent wants their children to be involved outside the classroom for both a well rounded childhood and to keep children out of trouble, many factors go into deciding the activities they should sign their kids up for. The child should enjoy the activity that hopefully will become a hobby. The activity should offer some opportunity to learn a new skill. The activity should foster a love of lifelong learning. Many of these factors, and more, factor into many parenting decisions and many adults sign their kids up for piano. Why are so many parents deciding to sign their kids up for a child piano lesson? See below!


  • Learning the piano can increase confidence


Pretty much everyone has gone to see a piano concert and been blown away by the performance. Perhaps the child was 6 years old. Perhaps it was a professional pianist. Regardless of the level, receiving praise from individuals can do wonders for a child’s confidence. Seeing how much other people enjoy their playing will only encourage children to continue to pursue improvement at piano lessons.


  • Hand eye coordination development


Most people associate sports with hand eye coordination. In truth, piano also requires a remarkable level of hand eye coordination. The finger and hand dexterity to rapidly hit multiple keys at once and make music out of it requires a high level of coordination. In addition, the piano offers great cross training for athletic activities. Sports such as baseball, basketball, and football require large amounts of hand eye coordination as well. Why not foster this coordination in multiple directions by learning the piano?


  • It teaches patience and determination


Piano lessons are far easy as this is a challenging instrument. Children will experience frustration and disappointment along the way; however, piano will also teach children to overcome these disappointment with hard work and patience. Like any skill, piano takes time to learn and years to master. If children learn to stick with the instrument through the rough patches with support and encouragement, this will translate into further success in other areas of life such as school and sports. This instrument with ingrain important qualities into children such as commitment and time management. Children will learn not to procrastinate on other activities because piano will take up that time. Children will learn to be efficient, making them masters of time management by the time they reach college.


  • Fill your home with beautiful music


Of course the piano sounds beautiful and will impress anyone around. You can continue to work on other projects and run errands in the background while you get to watch and listen to your child learn and master a new skill. Over the years, the music will progress to gradually resemble the music you once heard in that professional concert hall. No child has ever regretted learning how to play the piano. For a top notch child piano lesson experience, why not check out Cooper Piano’s piano lessons here?

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