Playing Piano Is Rewarding And Makes You Happy

People who are looking for an ideal way to keep their mind sharp should consider playing piano.playing piano It stimulates several different areas of their mind and body, and at the same time, providing them with years of musical gratification. It does not matter if you are currently playing the piano or if you are thinking about starting to play, you should keep in mind that playing the piano is excellent brain food. Since the world’s population is living longer lives, many people constantly look for ways to feed the brain and to keep their mental dexterity in peak condition. This article will show the various benefits of playing the piano:

• Playing the piano enhances your coordination. To play it, your hands must expand their independent coordination. It is one of the basic methods to keep your mind sharp. Each hand performs an entirely different movement, which the brain has full control over. By learning how to do this, you stimulate a few different regions of your brain. Try to practice each hand separately, and then, merge the movements.

Playing piano enhances your hearing awareness. Unfortunately, not many people are born with a good sense of pitch. However, they are able to develop it through practice and exposure. When you begin to play the piano, you guide your ear to hear tones and pitches relative to one another. In doing so, it makes expanding your sense of pitch possible.

• Sight-reading provides your brain a workout because the eyes must follow the music whilst your hands play it. To have the ability to sight-read is akin to knowing or learning a foreign language. It also requires acute eye-hand coordination. In addition, this workout strengthens your eye muscles, as they move up and down across the page.

• Learning the theory involved in playing piano is another mental exercise. You will learn the analysis of musical passages, which can be quite difficult if you do not pay attention. I would say the part about learning the theory side of music is brain food at its finest. You need to learn about chords, melodies, and changes. These are all rooted in multifaceted musical theory and it is an added bonus to learn and comprehend how music is created.

• Many people do not see this but piano playing amplifies social participation. When you play in the presence of other people, you are involving yourself in a priceless social exercise. If you look through the history of music, you will find an abundance of spectators and participants in music and through it, people are able to make their time more pleasurable and meaningful. By playing the piano, you will meet other musicians with similar interests and you can exchange knowledge or skills with them. This helps you to expand your understanding of the musical instrument as well.piano

• Through playing piano, whether you do it professionally or leisurely, you will find that it keeps your fingers agile. Moreover, it strengthens all the muscles available in your hands, which helps in other areas of work. If your day job involves doing all sorts of maintenance work, then, playing the piano will certainly be valuable.

• Perhaps, the best thing about playing the piano is that it makes you happy and it is a lot of fun. You can create your own music and perform it for your family and friends. Pianists have provided the society with centuries of musical enjoyment, and you should trust me; they will continue to do so for many more centuries. The piano is not only a musical instrument, but it is also a brain exercise and social communication tool. Set the Sudoku aside, and start playing the piano.

Do you agree that playing the piano is a great form of brain exercise or do you think it is just for musical enjoyment, and nothing else?



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