Piano Teacher Qualifications

Looking for a great piano teacher can be disconcerting, but with some planning and knowledge, you can find the perfect piano teacher for you and your child. You should hire a teacher who can connect with you or your child. The first thing you need to do is to search for several piano teachers who you can call and talk to, as well as, ask questions about their qualifications, lessons, and experiences. There are several ways for you to obtain information about piano teachers in your region. Below are effective ways to start your search for the perfect teacher.
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Find out from the music teachers association in your state for a list of piano teachers in your area. Some of the most reputable teachers are members of the association. Check with your trusted family and friends if they know any piano tutors who they can recommend with confidence. You can flip through the pages of the phone book, you can ask the owners of music stores, or you can search for them on the Internet. These days, many piano tutors have their own websites where they promote their lessons and they can be very informative.

Once you have found a few piano tutors who meet your personal criteria, it is time to make those calls. When you are talking to a potential piano teacher, ask him or her about his or her qualifications. Most teachers have a degree from colleges, while you will find some teachers that received their qualifications and training through private instruction or institution. Some of them have certificates from the Music Teacher National Association, while that may not be indicative of a good piano tutor; it is definitely an encouraging sign. It is imperative that you find out as much as possible about the tutor’s experience. Other qualifications include:

Music Diplomas

• Associate
• Licentiate
• Fellowship

Licentiate and fellowship levels normally demand standards that are comparable to qualifications from music universities and/or conservatoires.

Music Degrees

• Bachelor – Undergraduate
• Masters – Postgraduate
• Doctorate

These qualifications normally focus on teaching, research, theory, or piano teacherperformance.

Piano tutors who have passion for what they do would be my choice. I would never hire someone who lacks passion and does things half-heartedly. I want a piano teacher that will inspire me to learn more about music notes and the piano keys. Thus, aside from his or her knowledge in music, his or her passion for music is just as important.

Now that you have made the calls, you should narrow down the choices to a small number of tutors. The chosen ones should meet your requirements, which include the fee, schedule, and qualifications. Arrange for an appointment to meet with the tutors and write down all the questions that you have for them. It is advisable that you interview the piano tutors at their studios, so that you can observe their teaching styles, personality, and temperament. Determine if his or her teaching style would work with you or your child. Teachers would most likely provide their studio policy during the interview, thus, it is imperative that you read the policy carefully. Additionally, they will supply references that you can contact and it is definitely wise to use the opportunity.

Among all the tutors who you meet, there will be one who will impress you the most. He or she is the one for you or your child. The tutor who stands out the most with his or her qualifications, knowledge, skills and patience in answering all the questions you have is the right one. Before you hire one, make sure you and the new piano teacher are happy with the agreement. Read the contract or terms and conditions properly before you sign on the dotted line.

Would you rather hire a piano teacher who has valid qualifications or one who has more experiences, but no formal qualifications? 

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