How to Play the Piano… When You Don’t Know How to Play.

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Remarkable technology developed here in the United States will allow your piano to play by itself so that you may enjoy live piano music as often as you like, even if YOU don’t play. Since hundreds of titles can be played, you can enjoy all of your favorite types of music.

Enhancing your piano with this technology will not change the tone or action of your piano in any way. The player system will simply allow you to enjoy a real live piano performance at family gatherings, while entertaining or while relaxing and enjoying the music.

Optional features will enable you to record your own performance and add as many as 128 different musical sounds and orchestrations as background. You may add additional speakers if you need more sound or want to hear music throughout your home.

You can also “mute” your piano and with the addition of headphones play quietly enjoying privacy when you need it. This feature is especially useful in a room filled with other activities; you need not disturb anyone as you enjoy your playing time.

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This incredible technology lets us add all the features of a top of the line digital keyboard to your piano. Not only would you have the benefit of your acoustic piano’s superior action, but the availability of digital sound samples, recording options, privacy and speaker enhancements.

Our factory certified technicians can install these capabilities on any new piano or piano you already own. Qualified piano tuners that have years of experience are nececassary to keep your piano in top shape.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these new technologies.  You may find just the right piano sale to have music in your home at the touch of a button. There is quite a bit of information on the web; feel free to ask us about websites we use in our presentations.

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