How To Hide The New Piano Before The Holidays



Hiding that Large Holiday Gift

The piano is a classical instrument learned by many people spanning centuries. Anyone looking to play an instrument usually starts with the piano. With two clefts spanning a wide range with many different keys, it makes sense that this is a great instrument to learn. With so many people learning the piano, this instrument is also becoming an increasingly popular holiday gift. Unfortunately, its sheer size makes it difficult to conceal prior to the holiday festivities. For those looking for ways to keep this large purchase hidden, check out our tips below!


  • Do not mention anything on social media


One of the most obvious mistakes yet most common blunders, people commonly usually discuss their gifts with others on social media. Whether just bouncing ideas back and forth or actually discussing purchases, this is an easy way for others to find out what’s being purchased for the holidays. Even if they don’t physically see the piano, knowing what’s coming can ruin the gift just as easily. Resist the temptation to solicit advice from others over social media during the holidays, especially if you’re friends with the potential recipient as well.

If you feel the absolute need to discuss the gift you can hide your facebook posts from the respective giftee. In fact it’s pretty easy, and is a safe security measure if you absolutely have to post something to a wide audience. You can find out how to do this by clicking this link.


  • Use a prepaid card or cash to purchase the gift


If there’s a chance the potential piano recipient can see the credit card statement and discover the obvious gift, use a prepaid card or cash for the purchase. Piano stories are very uniquely named and obvious on credit card statements. While stores such as Target and Best Buy are great for other gifts, you aren’t going to find a quality piano there. To make sure the recipient doesn’t read about the local piano store on the statement and start asking questions, use a prepaid card to conceal the surprise. You don’t want that piece of plastic to ruin the holiday surprise!

On the other hand if you’re buying the piano outright, the easiest option is cash, with a cash purchase it’s very important to keep your receipt, but that’s the only paper trail that will connect you to the purchase of the piano.


  • Use an outdoor shed/garage/etc


Once the piano is actually purchased, you need something large to conceal this piano. It’s almost impossible to hide a piano, especially a grand, in the house. Therefore, use the outdoor shed. Furthermore, keep it locked and use a sensor to make sure everyone stays out of it. While people will know there’s a very large gift hidden in the shed, they won’t know exactly what it is until the holidays. This preserves the surprise that this instrument will bring on the special day.

Don’t have an outdoor shed? This can also work with an attic, basement, spare room, etc. Anywhere that is not used the other 11 months of the year is always a good hiding place. When it comes to these things we tend to overthink every aspect. If someone has no idea they’re getting a piano for the holidays, they’re not going to be looking for a piano.


  • Use the neighbor’s house


For those people who don’t have an outdoor shed or some other large auxiliary structure capable of hiding a piano, using the neighbors’ house is another suitable option. While the neighbors may be unhappy with having to accommodate such a large object during the holiday seasons, you can always offer to host some of their gifts at your house in return. While it can be an inconvenience to have to move the piano into the neighbors’ house and then move such a large object into your own house later, it is worth it to preserve the holiday surprise.


You’ve worked hard to purchase this instrument! Don’t ruin the surprise!


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