How Playing Piano Benefits Your Health

There are plenty of advantages that come with playing piano. Things like social interaction, playing pianopersonal fulfillment, cognitive improvement; entertainment, meditation, and mental and physical therapy are all part of the entire experience. Playing the piano can also lift your spirit as soon as your fingers touch the keys. One of the best advantages is that it allows you to convey your emotions in an extremely powerful way. Playing your favorite piece can be exhilarating and have a calming effect, all at the same time.

The Piano is More than Simply a Feel Good Instrument

Aside from emotional benefits, there are numerous other benefits too. Grade-school children who take piano lessons on a regular basis for three years in a row tend to score a lot higher in their academic exams. They will also experience a much stronger performance in engineering and mathematics, as well as a highly improved spatial cognition. Additionally, these students frequently do better at computer puzzle-solving problems.

The Piano and the Brain

Various academic trials and research studies conducted by neuroscientists and researchers found that neural firing patterns bear an extraordinary similarity to how music is created. This certainly proves that playing piano for the sake of learning and pleasure may help students develop superior cognitive functioning. It also helps to understand the brain’s functions and abilities a lot better.

Physical Benefits and Accomplishments

Playing piano provides physical health advantages as well. It helps to fine-tune your motor skills and strengthen your hand and eye coordination. When you are under a lot of stress, playing the musical instrument can reduce your stress immensely, which will eventually affect your blood pressure and mood positively.

Time Management and Organizational Skills

Playing the piano teaches you to become more punctual and organized. When you attend your piano lessons on time, you will learn more, as you have more time available for the piano lessons. If you want to progress in learning how to play the piano, you will need to organize your time better. This allows you to learn more lessons in the space of a week and eventually, you will become a professional player in a shorter time.

Amplify Conception and Reading Skillsgrand piano

I can assure you that playing piano has improved my conception and reading skills tremendously over the years. I have noticed the same with my children and other family members who took piano lessons. The more you play the instrument, the more improved your tonal, practical and rhythmic skills will be.

These are only a few benefits that accompany playing the piano. If you are interested in learning to play the musical instrument, I recommend that you hire a highly experienced piano teacher. It is not difficult to find someone who has more than 10 years of teaching experience, particularly if you know a large number of friends and relatives who are currently taking piano lessons. You can ask for recommendations from them or you can easily search the Internet for potential candidates.

I advise that you take the time to interview all the potential candidates before you make a final decision. You should ask significant questions in regard to their teaching experience, qualifications, and definitely ask them what their thoughts are about the benefits of playing piano. I am sure that they will have so much more to share with you. Prior to hiring the piano teacher, you should find out what his fees are. It would be a great idea to arrange an agreement or contract between you and the piano teacher to avoid any discrepancies in the future.

What other benefits do a person experience when playing the piano that you know of? 

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