Getting Good Deal On A Baby Grand Piano Atlanta

Amateur piano players and concert pianists alike long for the day when they can purchase theirbaby grand piano atlanta very own acoustic baby grand piano. Owning your own piano frees you up in so many ways. You can practice whenever you want, because the piano is in your own house, rather than a piano center or rental hall. You also have more incentive to practice, because the piano will haunt you if you do not- it is always there, staring at you and you have spent enough money to necessitate steady practice.

Owning a baby grand is so much more the incentive because of how amazing it sounds. Unlike an upright, baby grands have horizontal frames, making the sound quality incredibly expansive and resonant. The hammers do not experience the same kind of wear- and- tear that they experience with a studio model piano, because they are not spring loaded. And, baby grand pianos make it easier to hold in- home recitals, because of the layout of the piano ( you can face your audience, rather than have your back turned to them and them facing a wall.)

It seems clear that a baby grand piano Atlanta style is the way to go. But how do you finance such a huge commitment? How can you get a baby grand piano in Atlanta without having to sell the apartment or house you are planning on putting it in? Here are some easy ways to save a ton of money and get a good deal on a baby grand piano, Atlanta.

Only about 25% of pianos sold in the United States are grand or baby grand pianos, simply because of the sheer price and the amount of space grand pianos take up. If you have the space, when you are buying a baby grand, you should focus on the length of the piano. A longer length means longer strings and a better tone due to the extended soundboard area. A baby grand is from 5’2″ to 5’8″ and, for these purposes, bigger is better. The price range, however, does not only depend upon the size of the sound board.

There are several things brought into consideration when a baby grand piano Atlanta is beingBaby Grand Piano priced. The tone, not only of the sound board, but of the strings and make itself, can strongly detract or add to the price and value of the piano. Craftsmanship of any piano is to be taken into consideration, and is not something you want to bargain with at any point. Scarcity adds to the price, so if you can find a more common baby grand piano, so much the better. Finally, the brand name label has something to do with what you pay. More well known brand names may charge more, where as if you can take an off-brand that still has good craftsmanship, you can get away with a steal.

If you are on a budget, consider buying a used baby grand piano in Atlanta to cut costs. Honest, solid piano retailers (like Cooper’s Music) ensure that the used pianos that go through their storeroom are in mint condition, with fantastic tone quality, a well- maintained sound board and keyboard, and that these pianos have been exposed to humidifiers and tuners in the interim between owners. Of course, there is a difference between an antique and a used piano (if you buy a piano from the “Golden Age”, you may be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars) so watch out how old the piano you are looking at is.

Another option is to restore a vintage instrument. Pianos like Steinways, Mason and Hamlins, Bosendorfers, and others are great for restoration because they are built to last.

If you aren’t in a position to do either at the moment, there is no shame in renting a piano until you can afford to buy your own. Make sure you research first!

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  1. I see you stated something about renting a BGpiano if your budget is not ready. How much does it cost to rent a new Black Baby grand 5’8′? Does the rent get applied to the purchase if bought? I just submitted a contact form also to you about purchasing one. I am not an outstanding piano player just had music lessons after retirement. yes, a retired educator. Can you help me with a reasonable price and when i do come if the piano sounds great and look great- reasonable …& how much is shipping charge to here /South of Atlanta in McDonough Ga.? I like to have in mind and information about BGpiano i will most likely be purchasing before coming out and getting confuse about which one to choose. So can you help me?

    Sonya , a potential buyer more so for a used in excellent condition . ON the form i submitted to you i listed my budget amt for a used which i am nervous about getting a used one… Waiting to read from you.

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