Choosing The Ideal Piano Or Organ For Your Church

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I was involved with helping to choose a new organ and piano for our local church a few years back and one thing that I learned was that if you are unprepared, it is easy to make the wrong choice and cause plenty of problems. There is way more to selecting the perfect organ or piano for any church. The organ, for example, is the type of instrument that will affect the entire worship experience of the church’s members for a long time to come.

Because there are such a huge variety of styles and sizes offered in both organs and pianos, careful consideration is definitely considered necessary. Certain very crucial factors have to be taken into consideration first, and these include:

  • The Instrument has to Complement the Acoustics of the Space

Taking into account the volume and area of the space, the materials that were used to build the room and the exact placement of the instrument in the room are vital. These factors are used for the correct pipe scales, tonal considerations, and wind pressures necessary for an organ in particular. All of the aforementioned affect the overall quality of the organ.

  • The Instrument has to Complement the Architecture

Selecting an instrument that looks exceedingly good with the existing architecture and décor is imperative. It is possible to bring together certain styles, but an expert eye is required to make this work perfectly. There are enough styles available that could match almost any sort of architecture and interior features.

  • The Instrument has to fit the available space

This is a very important consideration, because if the organ or piano does not fit the space on offer, it will be difficult to make it work. Accurate measurements have to be taken prior to choosing which organ or piano is going to be perfect for the church. I got hold of our church’s original architect drawings and was able to get the exact measurements off it. This would be a more sensible approach that will eliminate any possible mistakes.

  • Choose an Organ or Piano that Is Stylistically Suitable grand piano

This is essential for the public, community or liturgical situation. Not all the instruments are designed and produced to emit the same music style. Some produce dark and mysterious music styles, while others produce a bright and powerful style. Consulting the experts is sensible in this case once more. They will ensure that the church receives the type of instrument that compliments its congregation, community, musicians, and liturgy.

Consider Hiring a Professional

After the disaster that I experienced at our church, I suggested to everybody involved that we hire a professional. This was something we should have done in the first place. They sent over a few of their most experienced people who carefully assessed the church building, met up with the musicians, church leaders and some community members, and they used all the information gathered to select the ideal organ and piano for our church.

Needless to say, everybody at our church was as happy as can be. The choices that were made were undoubtedly perfect in every way possible. There is no way that I or any of the other people could have selected more ideal instruments for the church and its congregation.

Do you have an interesting story associated with the selection of an organ or piano that you want to share with us?


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