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I’ve always had a special place in my heart for baby grand pianos. No, they may not be able to manage a  Baby Grand Pianosound that’s quite as grand as that of a true concert grand piano, but they are still magnificent instruments. Also, I find the slightly smaller sound to be charming and better-suited to in-home play, which is where most pianos are.

Baby grand pianos are among the most popular pianos in the world for a reason. They’ve got their own benefits, and are a great choice for homeowners who are unsure if they want to invest in a larger model.

Here are just a few of the reasons I enjoy baby grand pianos so much!

Why "Adopt" A Baby Grand Piano Of Your Very Own

The primary difference between a baby grand piano and other pianos is the size. Most baby grands are only around 5 feet across, versus 6-7 feet for a parlor grand and 8-10 for a full-size concert grand. The shorter case means the strings are shorter, which does limit the range of sound slightly.

That said, a good baby grand will still sound better than all but the best uprights. Further, thanks to newer piano-crafting techniques like overstringing, which stretches the bass strings diagonally across the case to increase their length, many of their deficiencies can be corrected for.

Also, consider:

  • Baby grands are generally the least-expensive of all the horizontal piano types. Even if you can’t afford a larger piano, a baby grand can be an excellent, affordable purchase.

  • Despite the smaller size, baby grand pianos are still made using the exact same techniques as their larger kin. You get quality wood frames, brass fixtures, real hammered strings, and all the other features you’d expect from a grand piano.vertical painos

  • Just because the sound isn’t Steinway quality doesn’t mean the sound is bad. These pianos have a slightly smaller, fuzzier, and more intimate sound that works perfectly in smaller spaces. These are the sorts of pianos you play to have a good time and enjoy yourself, rather than trying to dazzle audiences in a hall.

  • If you’re short on space, a baby grand can be the perfect solution to your space management needs. Since they take up half the space of a concert grand, they can be put into "active" rooms without needing a room of their own. Just imagine how a piano would look in your living room!

  • Baby grands are great for special occasions, such as weddings and graduations. They’re smaller, lighter, and easier to transport from place to place. (We also provide piano-shipping services, if you need them!)

  • A well-made baby grand piano will last just as long in your home as any other grand piano, provided you take care of it. Unlike electronics and cheap vertical pianos, a baby grand is something that can be passed down through your family for generations.

Just remember, when you’re looking to buy a baby grand, there is still a large range of quality. Some of the least-expensive models are, unfortunately, mass-manufactured from questionable materials and may not last well. Others, however, can rival the biggest grands for their quality and longevity.

Do your research, and make sure to try out plenty of models before you settle on the one you’re buying. Good luck!

Which do you prefer, baby grands or larger models?  




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