Baby Grand Piano Atlanta Rentals

Baby Grand PianoSometimes investing in a piano can be a bit challenging, especially when spending money needs to be allotted to different budgets. However, if you are looking to buy a new piano or even use one for a special occasion, a baby grand piano rental in the Atlanta area can the perfect choice to add some elegance without the huge paycheck. And when there are experts to help throughout the entire rental process, it becomes even easier!

Most piano rentals only do special event rentals for their pianos and usually don’t have on-site experts to make sure that the right type of piano (be it a baby grand or not) will be used. We like to educate our customers in all of the different types and tones of a piano as well as make sure the entire rental process is painless and easy–including moving and storage. However, we also like to allow our customers to "try before they buy" with six-month rentals on rent-to-own pianos as well as special event  piano rental, for wedding receptions, private recitals, graduations, and everything else worth celebrating about.

But, why choose to rent the baby grand in particular?

  • Despite its smaller size compared to its full-sized grand concert piano counterpart, the baby grand also has a different quality and sound than its bigger sibling. This doesn’t mean it’s inferior, but, provides a charming and exquisite sound that is richer than, say, a digital piano.

  • In fact, baby pianos can have just as rich of a sound as a full concert grand, allowing them to be the perfect centerpiece for avid musicians and limitless entertainment for the entire family.

  • Because of this high quality, baby grands are perfect for special events that need some added charm. While a digital piano can be nice, baby grands are iconic.piano rental

  • When it comes to rentals, baby grand pianos are easier to move, store, and even rent than concert grands. If you have a smaller space, the baby grand is a perfect fit!

Baby grand piano rentals in Atlanta doesn’t have to just be for special events, like we said before. Our rent-to-own options provide enough time to make sure the style fits in with your house and family’s needs, as we consider pianos a lifetime investment that will be enjoyed by many generations to come with the right care for the piano.

Kids and grand-kids can learn to play piano and play their favorite music with our teachers, all of them with years of experience and training, and our technicians can make sure your piano is always in the best shape. Your family can learn in a pressure-free environment that includes one-to-one sessions or group training sessions with our teachers, some of them former concert pianists and professional musicians.

If during the six-month rental period you feel the piano just isn’t a right fit just yet, you can take back the piano with no questions asked, no obligations. But, we think the baby grand will be the perfect choice for you and your family–and an investment you won’t regret. Would you rent a piano? How about a baby grand of your own?    






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