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 Cooper music jumps on board with announcing the recent release of the fall 2011 edition of “Acoustic & Digital Piano buyer”.  It is a magazine designed for the sole purpose of educating and assisting people in the market for a new piano for sale.

 With thousands of grand pianos, vertical pianos & digital pianos being sold each year, it is no wonder how buying one is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The idea behind this magazine is to help people understand our concept to build a better world through music education.

 The magazine is a 280 page spread offering a mass amount of information to all inquiring to buy a piano. It is available to read online at or you can have one shipped to you.

 Acoustic Digital Piano buyerRegardless of what you are looking for I can guarantee you will be able locate it with this magazine. Piano Buyer is a hybrid book/magazine. The "book" part consists of a collection of how-to articles, such as:

  • Acoustic or Digital: What’s Best for Me?
  • Piano Buying Basics
  • Buying a Used or Restored Piano
  • Buying Pianos for an Institution
  • Buying a Digital Piano
  • Buying an Electronic Player-Piano System

 So for all of you who have decided that music should become a part of your life, and even those looking to continue a tradition in your household; this magazine is a definite “must read”.

 Features in the Fall 2011 issue include:

piano for sale

  • a review by concert pianist Judith Cohen of five of the best professional-size grands made in China
  • an article by piano technician Sally Phillips on selecting a performance piano for concert hall or home
  • an article by piano technician Steve Brady on the use of nontraditional materials in pianos.

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