A Used Piano Via Private Sale Is Big Risk

When you are in the market for used pianos, you have several options for making this significant purchase. You could buy your used piano from an private saleestablished dealer, from a family member or from a private sale. Each comes with it’s own set of advantages and disadvantages but buying used pianos via a private sale comes with risks that go beyond ending up with a lesser quality instrument. 

A private sale often looks more attractive when you are buying a piano because the price is often lower than what you would pay at a store. But you will pay for that lower price in other areas.
First, you could end up with a low quality piano with unseen and irreparable damage with no one to hold accountable. A private seller won’t issue a warranty for their product. When used pianos bought via private sale don’t hold up to expectations, you are out your initial investment and you have to make another purchase. Suddenly, the money you thought you saved is gone.
Secondly, private sales can turn into dangerous situations pretty quickly. Every week, another case of theft, assault or fraud in an online, private sale gone wrong crops up in the news. Thieves and assailants have a new place to find victims — online classified ads. 

used pianoPrivate sales can also take you into unknown neighborhoods where, even if the private seller is legitimate, others in the area might not be. Do you really want to put your self, your family and your property at risk to save some money on a used piano? Probably not.

Buying used pianos doesn’t have to be fraught with danger. Choosing to make your purchase from an established, trusted piano seller helps you avert the dangers of a private seller. You will receive a warranty and a guaranty that the piano you buy is of sound quality. You can also make your purchase in a clean, safe environment where your personal safety and welfare is assured.
Sadly, the world can be a scary place to do business. While we want to trust each other, time and again, society proves us wrong. Place your trust in a piano store retailer who can renew your belief in a society that cares and enjoy your used piano for years to come.     





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