5 Steps To Learning On A Keyboard Piano

Recently, I decided to explore my hidden love of music by playing piano. I figured that it would be easy for mepiano lessons to take lessons with my children as I also want them to explore the possibilities in music. Learning a new piece of music is very daunting especially if you are beginner like me, but with a practice and good lessons you can stand to surprise yourself. As I found out, the best way to learn on a keyboard piano is to simply break down your learning steps and conquer them one at a time. Below is a list of 5 simple steps that helped me and my two sons play lucratively.

1.       Proper Posture

As you begin your piano lessons the first thing you will learn s that your posture will directly affect your paying ability. When you are not properly sited, you may end having a very uncomfortable playing lesson. This step is basically about discipline; to play effectively you have to maintain an upright posture.

2.       Correct fingering

Once you have conquered a good posture, you should then look at the position of your fingers when playing. Just like when typing on a computer key board, there are keys assigned to particular fingers in a piano too. Learning which finger goes where with both of your right and lefty hand allows you to cross over gracefully when playing. This will not only make it easier for you to find your keys even with your eyes closed, it also makes a very amazing sight to watch.

3.       Keyboard adaptation

Just like learning anything else you have to really educate yourself about the keyboard piano before you consider yourself good. This basically means that you need to learn the notes whether you plan on reading music or not. Although there are a total of 88 keys, the main and most important keys to learn are only 7 making it exceptionally easy for you to memorize. One of the pros for this is that it with just the sound you will be able to identify notes by ear.

4.       Read your music

Although you may be planning for basic lessons, take a step further and learn how to read music. In the world of music, notations of time and key signatures tell you how loud, fast or soft to play any music. You will basically be able to tell how each note will sound just by looking at your page notations. Being able to read music will open whole new doors for you will be able to play any piece on a paper. The best thing is that the technology in our modern days allows you to simply go online and learn how to read music.keyboard piano

5.       Practice, Practice, Practice

As in everything else, the best way to actually learn anything is by actually doing it. This means that you have to get a piano at home and practice. In considerations of all the other activities in our day to day lives, you don’t have to take up a whole hour playing your piano, 15 minutes a day will be adequate to polish your learnt skills.

A keyboard piano is one of those instruments that is known for bring out emotions and feelings while one is playing. After you learn how to play this great instrument, you will experience the liberation, romance, happiness and any other feeling. In a unique way, a keyboard piano will help you as a player express your emotions just by playing it. As I came to learn at the end of my lessons, learning how to work the piano keyboard can be as simple as you want it to be with these simple steps. Do you have a love for music or have you ever thought about playing the piano.


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